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Creedy Believes Company Culture is Greatest Barrier to Achievement

January 31, 2014

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Creedy Believes Company Culture is Greatest Barrier to Achievement

Recent Accreditation by Human Synergistics International Helps Prove His Assertion


RALEIGH, NC – Funeral service is famous for resistance to change. Now, with the help of world renowned Human Synergistics International (HSI), Alan Creedy has scientifically determined the source of that resistance and, more importantly, how to overcome it.


It has been suggested that funeral service may have come to the first major inflection point since embalming was introduced. As a result, change is not optional but mandatory. In his search for solutions, Creedy encountered Human Synergistics International, a pioneering assessment company committed to transforming lackluster groups into high performing teams. Impressed with the results they were achieving with major global companies and universities, Creedy decided to bring this process to deathcare. This required that he become accredited to implement the assessment tools as well as to coach leaders and managers to develop their own high performing teams.


“I had long believed the prevailing culture in deathcare is “Passive – Aggressive”, a culture where more energy is put into thwarting things than achieving them – but done in the nicest way”, said Creedy.   “During my accreditation process, I administered the HSI culture assessments to more than 80 funeral homes. This measurement tool enabled me to quantifiably verify my belief about organizational culture and their resistance to change. What I didn’t expect was that it also revealed to me why this culture prevails and how to move it toward high performance.”

Human Synergistics International (HSI) helps organizations enhance their effectiveness through a focus on culture change, leadership development and team building.  HSI works with the majority of the Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities as well as other global companies through its affiliate offices all over the world.


“I am especially excited to have graduated from the intensive HSI accreditation program,” Creedy went on to say.  “I believe those who use the assessments and follow the recommended prescription for improvement will see much reduced resistance, more teamwork, and much higher achievement within their funeral home operations.”


About Creedy & Company:  Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Creedy & Company is a Business Advisory Service founded by Alan Creedy in 2008.   His hands-on industry experience enables him to quickly analyze core problems, develop and prioritize solutions and implement strategies for quick turnaround.  For more information, visit


About Human Synergistics International:  Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty in 1971, Human Synergistics International (HSI) is the pioneer in quantifying organization development concepts including organizational culture, leadership strategies and impact, group processes and synergy, and individual thinking and behavioral styles.   For more information, visit