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The Casket Bed So Many Have Been Waiting For

January 21, 2014

The Casket Bed So Many Have Been Waiting For Product Description:

Long awaited casket bed design. Sleep peacefully in this Gothic inspired Casket bed. This piece is the real thing, use it as a coffin when the time arises. Constructed of Solid Pine with a removable lid. Adorned with a hand made metal cross and gothic pall bearer handles. Finished with an ebony stain and lacquer, with a burgundy velvet interior atop a 6″ thick mattress.

Surprisingly, this casket bed has 53 reviews. Including the one below:

I have been a vampire for 30 years and have had trouble finding something comfortable and practical to sleep in. As soon as I saw this I ordered it and it has completely changed my life. It is amazing and it is also very good for luring children with an interest for vampires over and they make a good snack. I would definitely recommend this coffin bed for everyone alive and dead.

If you ever have a family inquiring about a casket for while they are alive and dead, you can purchase it here: