Heartbreaking Video Captures A Young Woman’s Tweets About Her Brain Cancer In The Final Months Of Her Life

Funeral Industry News Grief & Loss January 19, 2014
Ryan Thogmartin

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Heartbreaking Video Captures A Young Woman’s Tweets About Her Brain Cancer In The Final Months Of Her Life

We all deal with struggle and grief in different ways. We are all individuals and we make our own choices. What works for me might not work for you, for some, grief might be dealt with in private – for others the internet might their only escape from the pain. But what if the grief you are dealing with is your own?

We are all living our lives in a decline, right? Each day that passes is a day closer to the end. What happens when you find out your end is going to come years and years before you figured or hoped it would? What happens when you wake up one day and find out you have brain cancer and only 3 months to live?

Here is the story of how one young girl choose to deal with the final months of her life.

The below video is gathering momentum over at Reddit. It follows the tweets of a girl named Amanda, all the way through her dealing with a terminal illness with a long medical name abbreviated as GBM.

Here is what the videos creator has to say:

I never met Amanda. I didn’t even follow her until it was too late.  Which teaches me: Pay more attention.

I debated whether to make this video and debated more whether to post it. It’s not my story to tell, and I don’t know if Amanda would have wanted it told this way. But ultimately, I’ve chosen to publish it as a tribute to her, and a reminder to all of us: sometime, we will leave it behind.

I have attempted to find Amanda’s full name in order to contact her family to let them know about this project.  I have been unable to find any further information. If you have any information on Amanda,  please leave me a comment or contact me at zchamu at gmail.

I want to thank Amanda for sharing her story with us. I’m just the messenger.


Portions of this post are from: Business Insider