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Succession Planning Company NewBridge Group Creates 5-step Sale Exploration Process

September 2, 2013

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Succession Planning Company NewBridge Group Creates 5-step Sale Exploration Process

The NewBridge Group has quietly been expanding its presence in the funeral industry as it provides succession planning and valuation services to funeral home owners. For almost 20 years now, NewBridge has assisted in the sale, purchase, valuation or financing of more than 400 funeral homes.

“NewBridge Group works confidentially with owners to ensure they obtain the highest possible value when selling their business”, stated Jeff Boutwell, President and Founder of NewBridge.  “We realize that funeral home owners typically sell their business only once.    So we work hard to make sure it is done correctly and that no mistakes are made.”    Boutwell added, “Most of our clients have many great skills when it comes to running their business and serving families but typically have little experience when it comes to selling their business, knowing their companies market value, or knowing what their options may be with succession planning.   At NewBridge, we know value for an owner is a combination of price and fit – matching the right buyer with the right seller – at the right price.   This is our goal.”

After years of industry experience, NewBridge Group has recently created a 5-step sale exploration process that assists owners in the possible sale of their funeral homes.

“It all starts with a confidential call with us.  We guide you through the process step by step.  As we near the end of the process and review offers from qualified buyers, we not only look at the top line offer but what it means on an after-tax basis,” explains Mr. Boutwell.

NewBridge has often worked by word of mouth using past clients as referrals.  However with the flurry of activity and increasing values in many areas, NewBridge decided it was time to expand industry exposure and add another industry expert to their company.  Recently NewBridge added Paul Haarer, a funeral home M&A professional to their staff as Managing Partner.

“I have been buying funeral homes that have been represented by NewBridge for over 15 years.  Jeff and his team have always been upfront and always puts their clients’ interests first.  I look forward to helping NewBridge grow and working with clients in our exclusive 5-step process.  There are a lot of owners out there that want to know their company’s optimal value and what their options may be in selling,” added Mr. Haarer. “NewBridge works to make sure their clients receive the best of all worlds – highest price and best fit”.

Mr. Boutwell added “As we grow over the next 12 months, we expect to add more industry experts to keep pace with our growing client pipeline.  Our relationship with sellers is the number one reason for our success.  I believe our 5-step process will continue to ensure that when it comes time for succession planning our clients will make informed decisions. ”

NewBridge has its head office in Atlanta and has various associates across the country.  In addition to succession planning, NewBridge Group provides appraisal services, confidential representation as a buyer or seller and assistance with financing.  Know your options – NewBridge Group has helped owners retire wealthy as opposed to just retiring.  To find out more, contact Jeff or Paul at 404-249-9582 or visit