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21 Questions At My Funeral

August 29, 2013

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21 Questions At My Funeral

We found this blog post through a link on Twitter and wanted to share. Have you ever ask yourself these questions?

Who’d eulogize over my dead body?
Would it be just another priest with comforting words?
What words would be shared among loved ones?
Who is glad I’ve departed?
Who is broken and speechless?

What kinda memories of me would leave someone forgetting a smile on their face?
Which memories of me would produce hisses and clenched fists?

Who would refuse to show up due to unsettled differences?
Who would wish switching places with me was possible?
Would the attendants be filled with hearts i touched?

Would all i leave behind be in good hands?
Would it even matter?
Would my footprints on earth be idolized?
Should that even matter?

What would be written on my tombstone?
Will my passing be another reminder that life is short?
What would i wish i never held back?
Would my value down here be valued up there?

What view would i have from above?
Would i be feeling relieved from pain and sin eternally?
Or would i be wishing eternal torture had an end?