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We Don’t Need A Seminar We Need A Breakthrough!

August 8, 2013
Alan Creedy

In addition to the weekly Creedy Commentary, I frequently contribute to industry trade journals and speak at trade conventions. Among my affiliations outside the DeathCare industry are The Center For Creative Leadership, The Performance Institute and Human Synergistics. I believe in giving back and so was recently honored to serve as Chairman of the Funeral Service Foundation.

We Don’t Need A Seminar We Need A Breakthrough!

We Don’t Need A Seminar We Need A Breakthrough!

Last winter I heard about a traditional funeral home that had successfully repurposed its facilities and actually discovered that it could apply its expertise at coordinating funerals to a variety of other functions as well. So, I went to see it and got my socks knocked off. I want to take you there.

Here is just a snippet of what they are experiencing:

With comparatively minimal capital they created a new business model that maximizes the facilities they have and creates substantive market advantage.

The Benefit: 

  • Expanded facilities with virtually no cost to the funeral operation
  • Significant increase in revenue and profits
  • Substantial market advantage
  • Much happier families with resultant increase in repeat business

I want to take you to see this phenomenally successful model that anyone can do.

Please join me at this year’s BLUE OCEAN TOUR.


Unlike normal industry seminars participants in previous Tours have all returned and actually done something about what they learned. The results are that attendance pays for itself very quickly. So, we ask that you be prepared to experience: 

  • Renewed or found enthusiasm
  • A refreshed sense of purpose
  • A clear plan of implementation
  • New ways to use what you already have and do
  • New friendships and insights

And when you get home I bet you will do something that will make a difference in your business.


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I am looking forward to seeing you there.

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