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What Separates The Good Sales Reps From The Bad?

July 24, 2013

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What Separates The Good Sales Reps From The Bad?

I have always wondered what funeral directors really want from a sales rep (casket, vault, fluid, ect). What makes some reps better than others? Is it personality? Is it knowledge or is it as simple as just making an appointment with you?

This question and post is inspired by a Facebook status on The Blonde Morticia. The following was posted earlier this week:

Wanna know one of the main factors that separates the reps (casket, vault, fluid, etc.) I use from the reps I don’t use? The reps I use understand that my time is limited and valuable. They call to set up appointments with me, and they would never dream of stopping by unannounced. They understand that just because there is not a funeral going on doesn’t mean I’m not busy.

If you are a rep and you stop in without first making an appointment with me, there is a 99% chance I will never use you. You’ve been warned…

So I wanna know: What separates the good sales reps from the bad? Please share in the comments below.