Have You Ever Checked The ‘Other’ Folder On Facebook?

Funeral Industry News Social Media July 24, 2013

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Have You Ever Checked The ‘Other’ Folder On Facebook?

A couple of days ago, I wrote this post about the hidden “Other” folder on Facebook. This secret folder contains all messages sent to you by anybody who’s not among your Facebook friends. Because you’ve probably never looked in there, it might contain really important messages that you’ve never seen.

Hundreds of you wrote to report what you found in there. Some found nothing there. Some found only spam. Some found awkwardly written mash notes: “They were all men who wanted to get to know me and commented on my looks,” wrote one reader.

In all of those cases, the Other folder is doing its job.

But many more of you wrote that, sure enough, your Other folder contained important, now outdated messages, some with sad results:

• “Notification of the death of a friend was hidden in my Other box. I had been very hurt at not being told, and actually missed her funeral.

• “Thank you, David. I will never be able to say that enough. Our son died very unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve past (http://MackBrady.com), and thanks to your note, I am just now seeing dozens and dozens of kind and wonderful messages of sympathy and support.”

• “I learned of the death of a former, valued colleague two months ago.”

Read the rest of this article here: http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/07/20/what-readers-found-in-facebooks-other-folder/

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