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What Does Batesville Do Next?

March 19, 2013

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What Does Batesville Do Next?

Batesville officially announced Monday evening, through a statement we released Tuesday morning, that they were shutting down their burial vault operations effective immediately.

Batesville confirmed today that the company is suspending its burial vault operations. Batesville’s innovative Endura® burial vault was introduced in early 2011, and was complemented by the Engevity® burial vault and a grave liner in 2012. Batesville marketed its products to licensed funeral homes in limited regions of the US and Canada under a self-service model and as a full service offering in a few test regions.

In the official statement a Batesville representative said:

“Batesville is committed to making the right investments that will directly benefit our customers, the families they serve and that will move our industry forward,” said Burlage. “Innovation is, and will remain a key driver in the development of product and service offerings, but we must also ensure that we are allocating our resources where they can deliver the most impact.”

Earlier this year Batesville announced a partnership with Hallmark to start offering a full line of memorial print products, which was a surprise to many.

So now that they will be freeing up money from the burial operations; what do you think will be next from Batesville? Do you want them to release another product? Or would you rather they focus these funds back into casket quality?

Please let us know in the comments below what you think will be Batesville’s next step.