Funeral Industry Press Releases, New Home of the Forever Legacy Brand

March 7, 2013

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Austin, Texas–March 6, 2013– by Forever Legacy could tell you about the expertise of its master craftsmen, the quality of its architectural American granite, and the beauty of its private mausoleum designs, but they’d rather show you. Forever Legacy launches a new website,, to highlight its portfolio of granite mausoleums, and examples of other mausoleums for inspiration.


With the new website, Forever Legacy highlights:


  • Mausoleum Pictures. The new website is designed to showcase a multitude of private mausoleums by its own builders, as well as historic examples.


  • Premier Customer Service. At Forever Legacy, clients work only with a principal of the company for the attention and level of service they should expect from a premier mausoleum construction company.


  • Custom Mausoleum Construction. by Forever Legacy specializes in custom-designed and built private mausoleums. Mausoleums are made of everlasting granite and built by the finest craftsmen in the industry.


  • Eternal Guarantee.  Forever Legacy’s Eternal Mausoleums™ industry-leading guarantee means their private mausoleums are unconditionally warranted against defects in workmanship or quality in perpetuity.


Ron R. Browning, Co-Founder and CEO of Forever Legacy, says, “My acquisition of greatly benefits the Forever Legacy brand, putting it at the forefront of mausoleum buyers around the world. showcases all that we have to offer. I couldn’t be more pleased with our new site, and its ability to let our mausoleum pictures speak on our behalf. We hope it will inform and inspire, highlighting the quality of our mausoleums and our dedication to our client’s experience.”



About Forever Legacy


Forever Legacy creates eternal monuments, private estate mausoleums made by master craftsmen from everlasting granite. Forever Legacy specializes in providing elite service to a discerning clientele, guiding clients through the entirety of the mausoleum construction process from development to build. With its Eternal Guarantee, Forever Legacy warrants its private mausoleums unconditionally and in perpetuity.


Contact:         Ron Browning, CEO and Co-Founder

Phone:           800.298.4188

Email:            [email protected]

Address:        7000 N. Mopac

                        Suite 200

                        Austin, TX 78731