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There Are Some Things You Just Don’t Talk About – This Is A Great Video

January 2, 2013

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There Are Some Things You Just Don’t Talk About – This Is A Great Video

Funeral home ads that don’t put you to sleep or don’t show an older couple sitting across the table from a poser funeral director are pretty difficult to find. Sometimes I start to believe that they just don’t exist.

The Just Cremations’ nude old man ad we posted Monday sparked a good amount of conversation and surprisingly the comments were in favorĀ of the ad, the naysayers must still be on holiday vacation.

We were emailed a link to a few funeral home commercials that fit the mold for “out-of-the-box” thinking. These ads are great and so far out of the ordinary. So we thought we would share them with you.

The producer of the commercials (1 Iron) had this to say about the ads:

When funeral directors share what they do for a living with someone for the first time, the conversation often turns cold as the person is overcome with a feeling of “creepiness” that they just can’t shake.

Only the funeral directors at Schmidt & Bartelt come across as regular people you would call friend or neighbor. In order to reveal more of their personalities, we developed two TV spots that positions them as people easier to talk to–the funeral home that’s makes you feel more comfortable discussing your thoughts and feelings regarding death.

To this end, we tapped into the role humor plays in the grieving process. According to experts, humor not only breaks tension in the air, but it can also make death seem less scary and intimidating by poking fun at it. So we shot the spots in a documentary interview style featuring seniors being “brutally honest” on the subject, which allowed us to introduce humor into the spots in an appropriate manner.