Call Me, Maybe

Funeral Industry News December 19, 2012

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Call Me, Maybe

FREE personal consultations with conference speakers!

Yes, Wide World of Sales presenters are saying “Call me, maybe.”

Speakers have generously donated FREE 1-hour phone consultations to take place after you return home from the conference. This is to make sure you have ample assistance once you get back into the office to fully implement the great ideas that you learn–specialized attention from experts in the field for free. Where else will you find this?!

These consultations will be raffled off to registrants at the conference in Las Vegas next month. Entry into the raffle is complimentary with a full registration. There is no extra cost involved. Currently, registrants have a 1 in 10 chance of winning.

But you must take the first step towards winning one of these one-on-one sessions: REGISTER TO ATTEND NOW!


Terry Brock – Portable Technologies for Sales Power

“Yes, Rob, I look forward to possibly speaking with you and making sure that you know how to use all of the apps, software and hardware I’ll describe in my presentation. It’s easy to say “do this,” but the ICCFA and I want to make sure you take full advantage of the golden nuggets of wisdom you’ll discover in Vegas. I look forward to giving you personalized advice on how to utilize these tools in your daily tasks and hopefully make your job easier (and more fun!).


Joe Takash – Building Breakthrough Connections

Chat with Takash to determine a personal approach that fits your personality and will allow you to quickly build trust with new business contacts. ONE CONSULTATION TO BE RAFFLED

Gary O’Sullivan, CCE – Fireside Chat
Use O’Sullivan as a “sales coach” to help you be the best in your profession and achieve all you can in life. FOUR CONSULTATIONS TO BE RAFFLED, ONE EVERY QUARTER FOR A YEAR

Julie A. Burn, CCE, CSE – Cremation Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
ICCFA’s director of cremation services will offer an hour of training for your company on effective phone practices to attract cremation phone shoppers. TWO PHONE OR WEBINAR TRAINING SESSIONS TO BE RAFFLED

Zack Garbow – The Facebook Formula: Secrets for Taking Your Funeral Business Viral on Facebook
You and Garbow may pour over your social media accounts and determine a winning formula for you.

Todd Carlson, CFSP – Arranging for Generations to Come
Go over your usual presentation or arrangement process with Carlson and learn how to tailor your script based on your audience.


Charles Christopher and Steve Maffei Jr. – Reboot: Using Events to Change the Way the Community Sees Your Property
Christopher and Maffei may discuss event ideas that would be best suited for your company and offer advice on where to start and the steps they would take (in their own humble opinion, of course), based on their experience in planning numerous events. THREE CONSULTATIONS TO BE RAFFLED

John Heald – How to Use the Online Obituary to Generate Leads
Put your online obituaries to good use. Heald will take a look at your company’s website and help you determine how to make it more robust and profitable. FIVE CONSULTATIONS TO BE RAFFLED

Tom Holland – Best Practices of High-Producing Counselors
Review your daily routine with Holland so he may offer some guidance on how to become more efficient and productive. ONE CONSULTATION TO BE RAFFLED

Mark Jorgenson – Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Good Employees
Tune up your hiring process with Jorgenson, from advertising the vacancy (or not), to the interview phase all the way through retaining productive and happy employees. ONE CONSULTATION TO BE RAFFLED

Terms and Conditions
These sessions will be 1-hour in length unless otherwise noted. Scheduling of the consultations will be based on the speaker’s availability. Consultations will take place by phone unless mutually agreed upon by both the speaker and attendee. ICCFA makes no endorsements about the speaker’s company, advice, products and/or services. Winner need not be present to win. Entry into the raffle is included with payment of a full registration (no spouses or guests will be entered into the drawing). The number or consultations, and by whom, may be subject to change. More may be added at a later date.