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Fresh to Death: A Trendy Clothing Line Targeted At Funeral Directors

December 9, 2012

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Fresh to Death: A Trendy Clothing Line Targeted At Funeral Directors

I posted this to the Facebook Page last friday and the response was very positive.

Most professionals have clothing that they wear in public that reflects what they do as a profession. It’s really hard for funeral directors to do this. Over that past few months I have meet with a number of graphic people, t-shirt vendors and even a few clothing companies to see what the costs would be to create a few male and female t-shirt designs.

Though this idea is still in it’s infancy I am searching for feedback (a.k.a “crowdsourcing), fishing for ideas both positive and negitive.

The image above is not a real design for a “Fresh to Death” clothing line, but it is along the same design concept. I know with a design like that I am limiting the audience but I’m not going to design and sell something I wouldn’t wear myself.

The floor is open. Let the insults and ideas fly!!

Picture: The above image is from a t-shirt designed by The Saints Sinphony, a rock and roll fuzed clothing company in California. All garments are unique and handmade in the USA.