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Funeral Industry Getting a Reality TV Show?

August 27, 2009

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Funeral Industry Getting a Reality TV Show?

image No your eyes did not fool you, the title of this post is correct. The funeral industry is going to be getting its own reality TV show and you could be apart of it. The authors of “Grave Expectations: Planning the End Like There’s No Tomorrow”, and fellow members of, Sue Bailey and Carmen Flowers are preparing a reality TV show based on their book. Working with an accomplished and acclaimed producer the ladies are going to build a reality show around people planning out their very own funeral detail for detail. If you have read the book or even pieces of it, then you know we are not talking about normal funerals. Grave Expectations challenges you to push the envelope and make your funeral a personal celebration/party. Sue and Carmen are reaching out to the members of to help fill a very important void…

They need a host for the show!!!!

Here is what Sue and Carmen sent me to share with you:

Looking for host for show based on the book: “Grave Expectations: Planning The End Like There’s No Tomorrow”

We’re looking for a very attractive, charismatic funeral planner or director (male or female) for a new television series. If you are interested and feel you have what it takes to be on television, please send a bio and a short video of yourself to [email protected]. You can also post the video on YouTube and send us the link. We would love to see something as soon as possible – time is of the essence, and we know you understand that concept! Thank you very much!

About Grave Expectations:

It was on the drive home from a deadly funeral that we began to toy with the idea of writing this book. Once we got home, and drank enough champagne, we made the commitment to write it.

Life is such a rich, complicated, joyous, mysterious wild ride. Everyone has stories to tell and lessons to pass on, and what better way to do that than when you’re alive? It was your life; your funeral is the one time you can do and say absolutely whatever you want.

As of this writing, there is no alternative to dying. (You can be cryogenically frozen, but we wouldn’t call that life.) Since there’s no getting out of it, why not go ahead and plan your fantasy going “away” party? Is it just us or have you been seeing too many, “She’s not dead… she’s just away” bereavement cards? Of course you can’t really be too upset since according to the card she’s coming back.

We were destined to write a book about planning one’s own funeral. Between us, we have personally experienced three weddings, two divorces (all Carmen) and five suicides of close family members. We’ve nursed four relatives and friends through deaths due to cancer. We’ve survived cancer (Sue) and meningitis (Carmen) and if all that is not enough, we are both orphans. In spite of these experiences, or because of them, we do not fear death at all . . . we appreciate life that much more.

You can find out more about the book: read what others have said, take a peek at the table of contents, read an excerpt from the chapter entitled “Freeze, Boil, Liquefy and Preserve, and Other ‘Recipes’ For the Remains”. And of course, the book is now available from online and in-person retailers.