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New Online License Renewal Service Available for Oklahoma Funeral Directors and Embalmers

September 11, 2012

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New Online License Renewal Service Available for Oklahoma Funeral Directors and Embalmers

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Funeral Board recently released a new application allowing licensed funeral directors and embalmers to renew their licenses online at beginning November 1, 2012.

“Implementing this system should provide a way to expedite the process for Funeral Directors and Embalmers to renew their licenses with the state,” said Oklahoma Funeral Board Past President, Jim Parks. “The new online license renewal process greatly reduces the amount of time required to administer the license renewal process.”

During the next license renewal cycle, the Oklahoma Funeral Board expects most funeral board and embalmer licensees to renew online as the new online system will save licensees time over the previously paper-intensive process. A typical online renewal takes about five minutes to complete, and licensees can print verification of the licensure renewal at the end of the process. In conjunction with their license renewal, a licensee will be able to enter and track continuing education credits, as well as update contact information. After the online renewal is complete and approved, the Oklahoma Funeral Board will update the applicant’s license record and mail a wallet card.

For more information about the Oklahoma Funeral Board, visit The online service was developed at no upfront cost to taxpayers and is a product of a partnership between the Oklahoma Funeral Board and, Oklahoma’s Official Website, managed locally by Oklahoma Interactive.

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The mission of the Oklahoma Funeral Board is to act in the public interest, for the public protection and advancement of the profession within the police powers vested in the Board by the Legislature of the State of Oklahoma, entirely without appropriated funds. The Board shall serve an informational resource on funeral service to the general public and members of the funeral profession.