Batesville Personnel Cuts

Funeral Industry News August 2, 2012

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Batesville Personnel Cuts

Last week wasn’t a good week for the two largest US casket companies. We reported last Friday that Aurora Casket reportedly cut 14 employees, though we never did get an official statement (regarding the personnel cuts) from an Aurora Casket spokesperson, the information reported has been confirmed by numerous individuals who were personally affected by the cuts.

On Friday of last week we also received information that Batesville Casket Company was handing out personnel cuts of their own. Initally reported to us from multiple sources was that 50 employees were let go including Delivery Managers and Office Personnel in Batesville, as well as the CSC Manager and Regional Manager in St. Louis. After conversations with Batesville Director of Brand and Marketing Communication Teresa Gyulafia we know this reported information wasn’t completely accurate.

Just like we did when learning about the Aurora Casket layoffs we reached out to Batesville for an official statement regarding the personnel cuts being reported.

We received the following statement from Batesville Director of Brand and Marketing Communication Teresa Gyulafia:

“We consistently monitor and size all elements of our operations to ensure that resources are aligned with market conditions and the evolving needs of our customers. The organizational realignment implemented over the last week affects only 40 positions across the company, or just over 1% of our workforce. We did not close any offices or service center locations; in fact,  we continue to make investments in a number of areas of the business to support our customers. As we have for more than 100 years, Batesville will continue to monitor the challenges affecting our industry and the changes we must make to continue to provide the right combination of products and solutions. “

It appears that the market projections for the coming fiscal year (beginning October 1st) for Batesville aren’t what they hoped for. A continual decrease in ground burials, longer life expectancy, and less money being spent on death care services is affecting the profession as a whole, no one or company is exempt.

The question we have to ask is how do companies best prepare for these market challenges? Are we just going to see more and more layoffs?

*Thank you to Batesville for providing an official statement for this article