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Aurora Personnel Cuts?

It appears that Aurora Casket Company, now owned by Kohlberg Company, is starting to make personnel cuts.
We have received multiple emails from sources who reported that on Wednesday Kohlberg owned Aurora intensified personnel cuts by handing out pink slips to sales force and regional managers. Remaining personnel are predicting more cuts are on the way.
In the interview we did with Michael Quinn, CEO of Aurora Casket, a few weeks ago we specifically asked about personnel and sales rep changes to which Quinn did not hint at anything major happen in the near future.

We reached out to our contacts at Aurora Casket for comment on these reported personnel cuts, no response has been given.
Has anyone else heard reports of these personnel cuts?
It seems since the purchase of Aurora by Kohlberg the company has been pretty quiet which is raising concerns from independent funeral home owners.
The question being asked now is, “How long before Kohlberg finds another buyer for Aurora Casket Company?


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  • El Magnifico

    And who thought no changes would take place, ah? Don’t be so naive…

  • Diggggger

    My rep was 1 of 14 employees let go; including 2 of their 6 national regional mgr’s. My rep said she was told there are more cuts to follow. The gutting of this company has begun. This is what these folks do…cut to the bare bones, find a buyer and sell it off pocketing the profits while looking for their next opportunity. It’s sad but that’s capitolism 101.

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  • ustacould

    Wouldn’t it be nice if once in awhile, we’d read that if and when these all-so-smart corporations start to layoff people, that it would start from the front office first? They’re the ones who think up these ideas and schemes of theirs that they believe are so good and viable and when they indeed flop, it’s always the rank-and-file that are the first to go. It all seems backwards and unfair to me. But hey, who ever said life is fair (anymore)?