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Genesis Casket Company Now in Full Production

January 20, 2012

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Genesis Casket Company Now in Full Production

On the heels of Batesville announcing 100 job cuts, another Indiana based casket company, Genesis Casket, announces they are now in full production. What does this mean for Batesville?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Casket manufacturer Genesis Casket Company has begun production at its plant in Indianapolis — less than twelve months from the date it first announced that it would locate in the Hoosier state. Genesis joins a number of other companies which have located in Indiana in the past year.

“Other companies are shifting production outside the country. We’re proud to say our metal caskets are manufactured right here in Indianapolis,” said Tony Colson, president and chief executive officer of Genesis. “We’re benefiting from the highly skilled, dedicated and engaged workforce that typifies the Hoosier work ethic and is readily available in Indianapolis.”

In addition to starting casket production, the company has now opened distribution centers in Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Milwaukee, WI and Winchester, KY. Additional centers will open in Michigan and Ohio later this month. The company now employs more than one hundred associates and will be adding to its workforce throughout 2012.

“In the very short time since beginning production, we have seen a robust reaction to our products and received very encouraging feedback from funeral directors with respect to family satisfaction,” Colson stated. “This positive response by funeral directors and families is especially gratifying; reaffirming that our caskets represent a viable ‘Made in the USA’ cost and quality alternative to low price casket imports from other countries.”

The Genesis Casket plant has some of the most technologically-advanced equipment presently in use for manufacturing caskets — including one of the world’s largest metal stretch benders and the operation makes extensive use of other robotic machinery. The result is a quality product that is produced at a lower manufacturing cost than others presently available in the market.

“We’re convinced that given our quality, service and price, Genesis can compete effectively with any casket manufacturer — either domestic or foreign — to provide a real choice for families,” commented Jeff Wilson, Chairman of the Board of Genesis Casket Company. “We remain committed to our vision and anticipate solid growth in the days to come.”

Genesis Casket is created in partnership with Gestamp North America, Inc., a global supplier of structural steel components and metal stampings for many automotive companies worldwide.