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Changing the Funeral Industry One Personal Sendoff Wish at a Time

July 25, 2011

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Changing the Funeral Industry One Personal Sendoff Wish at a Time

Arranging a funeral is like trying to plan a wedding in one day – except that instead of months of careful planning to celebrate a new beginning with bridal bouquets, people hurriedly gather to recognize an ending with casket lilies. That is about to change.

Thanks to the introduction of a new, social media site called, anyone connected to the Internet can now create their own personalized funeral instructions well in advance of their passing and have them sent to family and friends. Think Facebook for funerals, and you will understand how can help communicate personal final wishes, and at the same time also help eliminate the stress and decision-making burdens on family and friends that accompany a death when no funeral pre-planning has been done. brings together the growing trends of social media and personalized funerals in one innovative web site that is going to change the way people look at funeral planning in the same way online social media has changed the way we keep in touch digitally. This new site is even offering a pre-paid funeral valued at $6,545 to one registered member as a grand prize. This is a prize that everyone will eventually need. 

According to founder Colin Firth, “We are going to help members create a personalized life legacy with their own unique sendoff if they choose, instead of a somber funeral that has been the standard in North America. Members will have the opportunity to express themselves and their personal sendoff wishes to their family and friends well before their final day arrives and have the chance to discuss these wishes in advance of their passing instead of leaving anything to chance.”

Once a member registers and has completed their easy-to-follow sendoff wish list of items they want, will then email these sendoff wishes to six or more trusted family members and friends, called ‘cyber pallbearers’, who will carry out the member’s personal wishes when they pass on. Changes to sendoff wishes can be updated at any time, as the form is a living document that just happens to deal with death. 

In addition to the pre-planning resources of the innovative website, also has thousands of searchable stories on funeral traditions from around the world, laws, celebrity funerals, sensational sendoffs and much more that will help you plan your own sendoff the way that you want. 

“Forward-thinking funeral directors have already begun to emphasize their willingness to accommodate any type of personal needs as they adapt to changing consumer demands for life celebrations.” Firth adds, “If someone still wants a traditional ceremony with a burial, they still need to communicate this to family and friends. However, if they want to put some fun into their funeral with sensational music or a sports themed sendoff that truly celebrates the life lived by the departed, they can clearly lay these instructions out through We hope that will become standard planning practice just like life insurance and wills are today, however is completely free of charge for registered members to use. We are bringing new life to the funeral industry with”

For more information or to arrange an interview with’s colorful founder Colin Firth, please contact spokesperson Patrick Francone or Teal Johannson-Knox at 650-557-2130 or by email at [email protected] Skype interviews are available. Rest assured that this interview will not bore you to death, it will be full of life!