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Business Offers $999 Discount Caskets

August 26, 2009

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Business Offers $999 Discount Caskets

image If you’ve had to bury a loved one, then you know how expensive it can be to pay for the funeral. There’s a new business in town that says there’s a good chance you overpaid for the services. Most of us aren’t used to seeing caskets in a store front. That’s exactly what you’ll find Downtown at the Main Street Casket Store.

Eric Lusain said while many businesses are seeing their profits wither away, his sales are rising.

Seeing rows of caskets in the store front of a Downtown business would cause most of us to take a second look.

Lusain said he’s getting used to the shock on people’s faces when they see his new store on main street downtown.

He said what’s better are the smiles he sees when grieving families are able to save hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars from the average cost of $3,000 that a funeral home would charge.

“They’re excited that they can save $2,000. I haven’t had to give much grief support. Although I do wish their family the best but it also makes me excited when I’m able to save them $2,000,” Lusain said.

A death in his own family prompted him to open his own casket store.

He said he felt the funeral home was charging too much, so he searched for a less expensive one online and found a casket store in Indianapolis.

He’s able to offer the caskets at a discount because they’re imported from China.

Donald Jordan, of Junior of Thompson, Hall and Jordan Funeral Homes said he can also offer a less expensive casket.

However, he said his customers also pay for quality service.

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My Question:

Do you, as a funeral director, oppose selling Chinese caskets? Would you or do you already offer these types of caskets to your families? As the economy worsens is this an option you have looked at, as you try and keep costs lower for client families?

Regardless of the type of casket sold the family is still getting the same quality service from you and your staff. If a family is not opposed to buying a Chinese made casket then why should you be opposed to selling one? Can they really notice the difference in quality?

I would love to hear feedback below in the comments. This is a topic I have bounced around in my head for awhile. I would not be opposed to buying a Chinses casket for a loved oned. But I believe the vault provides the protection and I rather spend more money on the vault quality verse a casket.