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Largest Independent Cremation Company Launches an Ad Campaign in USA Today

March 29, 2010

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Largest Independent Cremation Company Launches an Ad Campaign in USA Today

image??It has happened…a funeral industry company is finally doing a nationwide advertising campaign directed at the public.

For the first time ever, the country’s largest independent cremation company has launched an ad campaign in USA Today with the tagline: “Think outside the wooden box!”(Link to Full Print Ad)

The Neptune Society, taking advantage of the steady rise in cremation, will be running the print ad once a month in the USA Today for the remainder of the year. The ad contained your normal lingo: plan for the end so your family doesn’t have to and choosing cremation was cheaper that traditional funeral services.

I am happy to finally see an industry company making a national advertising push. I am shocked that it wasn’t one of the major players like; Wilbert, Tirgard, Batesville, or Aurora, I would have though one of these companies would have taken the lead years ago. Building brand recognition is important. Just think of the power a company would have if families were walking into funeral homes requesting their product. had this to say about the Neptune ad:

Let’s all contemplate our mortality, shall we? And this question: Just what kind of dead guy will you be?the afterlife version of a Hummer, resting under a giant marble monument to your fabulousness, or an eco-friendly pile of ashes that can easily fit into an old flower vase? If you’re interested in the latter, the Neptune Society would like a word.

I am waiting to see what you all think of the idea of funeral brands advertising (not selling) directly to the public?