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Interacting With A Headstone Through Your Cell Phone? Crazy Personalization!

February 25, 2010
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Interacting With A Headstone Through Your Cell Phone? Crazy Personalization!

imageWe are beginning to see more and more cutting edge technology break its way into the funeral industry. Over the last few years we have saw companies like EternalSpace come in and peck our interest only to have our hopes of a crazy wicked virtual cemetery/memorial snatched from under us as the company fell off the map.

Currently we are watching with amazement as FuneralOne keeps releasing and revising a very stellar website platform that is completely changing the way funeral directors interact with client families.

Technology is evolving and consuming our lives and it only makes sense that it makes its way into the death and grieving process.

The following article is about a company who is introducing advanced technology into one of the oldest staples of our industry…the headstone. This article really gets me excited. I think it is a very cool idea that could really make waves in this industry. You have to read this!

Objecs Introduces Interactive Headstones?

Imagine going to a cemetery, putting your cell phone on a headstone and suddenly getting access to pictures and videos of the deceased person. It could be a loved one, someone famous or perhaps even a dead pet. It sounds like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie and yet because of Objecs it?s becoming a reality.

Objecs is a Phoenix, AZ based technology company that delivers products and services that exchange information between people and objects by leveraging a suite of mobile technologies. Its latest product named RosettaStone, not to be confused with that Rosetta Stone, make it possible for cemetery visitors to access text and photos by simply touching a cell phone against a cemetery headstone.

The product, available in palm-sized stone tablet or as a coin-sized stick-on polymer tag called a Data Tag which adheres directly to the headstone, comes with a microchip. The text and photo associated with each Data Tag is uploaded and managed by the buyer to an online Data Archive site included with the purchase. The technology that allows this to happen is .

“The NFC technology is impressive to see in action, but the benefit of having a Data Tag on a headstone goes beyond the technology. Each tag has a unique ID number that serves the same purpose as a database primary key,? John Bottorff, Objecs Founder and Principal Member stated.

Christopher Hill, Founder and CEO of, states; “Our goal at is to make sure that both families and Funeral Directors are constantly kept updated and aware of the many new and cutting-edge technologies being introduced into the funeral industry. We firmly believe that RosettaStone product group is yet another exciting addition since it provides tremendous value to those who are interested in long-term record archive and historical reference.”

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