M Memorial Obituary Service Launches SoFund.Us Campaign

October 30, 2012

M Memorial Services is a new start up company that provides low cost professional obituary writing for funeral homes.

M Memorial Services launched a 45 day crowdfunding campaign Tuesday on SoFund.Us, the first and only crowdfunding platform focused on the funeral profession.

M Memorial Services is looking to fundraise $5,5oo to allow them to produce a fully functional website and marketing materials.

When asked why funeral professionals should back their fundraising campaign, they said:

If you are a funeral home or other funeral provider and are interested in using our service to provide obituaries for your families, then we have a program just for you.

By backing our special fundraising campaign. This is an opportunity to get in early and experience our services at the lowest rates we will ever offer – As low as $20 per obituary.

From SoFund.Us: What positive impact will your successful fundraising campaign have on the funeral profession?

M Memorial Services will provide a very unique service to both funeral directors and the families they work with. Some of the possibilities I am exploring are:

Direct to public – There are over 20,000 monthly Google searches in the United States of people looking for obituary templates, styles, examples and writers. However, there are less than a handful of professional obituary writers who are easily found on the Internet. And of those, they charge hundreds of dollars and takes several days to complete.

Direct to Director – I am exploring the possibility of selling obituaries to funeral directors at a discounted rate. We charge the funeral director a set discounted price, the funeral director then charges a standard obituary fee to the family, the family is then referred to our website to submit the information. This prevents the funeral director from losing revenue and valuable time while allowing the family a discount off our normal rates.

View a video demo of the M Memorial Obituary Service and read more about their fundraising campaign at SoFund.Us


About SoFund.Us

SoFund.us is a reward based crowdfunding platform for funeral professionals and companies to present innovative product and business ideas focused on progressing the funeral profession.

SoFund.us is a reward based crowdfunding platform for funeral professionals and companies to present innovative product and business ideas focused on progressing the funeral profession.


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