Funeral Suppliers are Blowing Engagement Opportunities with Funeral Directors [VIDEO]

June 28, 2012
 I address two things in this video: Our 5 question survey and how funeral suppliers are completely blowing the chance to engage with funeral professional and build relationships through social media by either not being involved or just using the social outlet to push, push, push, sell, sell, sell.
There are so many ways that suppliers could engage with funeral directors. What if they actually used their social channel as an educational tool to explain what their product is or to answer the top questions funeral directors ask about their product? The door is wide open for funeral suppliers to step up and really dominate their niche market in the profession and implement a focused social strategy that addresses the needs of the funeral director.

I am not going to give an example of a funeral supplier who only tries to sell because that wouldn’t be right to call them out like that. Even if I blacked out the company name product post would give them up. So, I am going to show you a screenshot of a marketer who should know better but still doesn’t get it.
The below screenshot show the reply a marketing guy made to a article post on Facebook. The moderator of the Facebook Group then post a reply and also sends out a message to all of the members of the group.
Comment by marketer, followed by reply from moderator:
Message for Group members posted by moderator:
Your social media posts need to be valuable to the end user. Give…educate…engage…don’t SELL!

Ryan Thogmartin

CEO at DISRUPT Media and
Ryan Thogmartin is the Owner and CEO of DISRUPT Media. DISRUPT Media is a full service social media agency specializing in social media strategy, management and reporting for funeral companies. DISRUPT Media is the creator of the FUNERAL Social Design Process which is the only full service social media strategy program crafted specifically for the funeral profession.

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