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January 15, 2010
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[important color=red title=Internship Details]Through the development of I have noticed that there are many people in this industry that love what we are doing and have a extreme passion for the funeral industry like we do. is growing very very fast and there are many things we would like to do with the site and offer to our members but we just don’t have the man power to get it done as quickly as we would like.

Like most small start-ups, cash flow is not that abundant yet, so in an effort to keep our over head low we are opening up a few positions for Intern(s). We are looking for individuals who have an extreme passion for the funeral industry and want to make it better. Pretty simple right!?!

The great thing about is that we are online, so our interns can be located anywhere!!

Here is a list of things we would like our Interns to be apart of:

[number value=1]Find news articles for to publish.[/number]

[number value=2]Write Articles to be published on (Of course this would not be for everyone, but if you would be interested we would love to read what you have to say).[/number]

[number value=3]Spend time in our Discussion forum answering questions and creating conversation.[/number]

[number value=4]Help in our booth at conventions (if geographically possible).[/number]

[number value=5]Advertising Sales (on a commission based pay) (If interested in this lets set a time when we can talk so I can explain the details).[/number]

[number value=6]Help updating The site (This would require some knowledge of Joomla and basic html code.)[/number]


Of course these are just a few of the things we would be looking for help with. I am always open for ideas and suggestions.

Most of the work we would like help with would be volunteer, but that doesn’t mean the opportunity to do some paid services will not be there. Who knows where an internship could lead.

If you would be interested in any of the opportunities listed I would love to hear from you. There is no age requirements! This might be a great opportunity for Mortuary College students to get a foot in the industry!

If you are interested in discussing an internship with please email Ryan Thogmartin at ryan at ConnectingDirectors dot com

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