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Why Advertise with is the premier progressive online publication for funeral professionals. Founder and CEO Ryan Thogmartin has a vision for where the funeral industry is headed and has used that vision to position as the leader in online funeral industry news and information.

Through funeral professionals receive daily funeral industry news, industry specific articles and videos, as well as downloadable PDF whitepapers and How-To guides to incorporate the latest technology options into their funeral homes. Through our news and articles we are educating funeral professionals about the changing trends of the industry, not only in the USA but also across the globe, allowing them to stay informed and aware of the needs of their client families so they can better serve them.

By providing a centralized online location for funeral professionals is creating a revolutionary way for funeral-industry companies to market to funeral professionals, marketing that is directly targeted to a specific market and is not effectively present anywhere in the profession.

Over 45,000 Funeral Professional Know, is Leading the Revolution!

Innovative Marketing Solutions is providing a variety of fundamental, technology-based marketing solutions for funeral industry companies and suppliers that are interactive with their direct markets. Advertising options include Banner advertisement, Video Ads, Email marketing, and content sponsorship. Advertisers also have the option to provide specific useful and actionable content that will be of valuable for our reader base (content CANNOT be self promoting or sales driven),

Real-Time Analytics

Now integrated into the advertising platform is “Advertiser Login”, advertisers are able to instantly receive real-time analytics about their marketing efforts. Through a dedicated login advertisers are able to login to our ad server platform and view life-time ad specific as well as certain day analytics.This type of real-time analytics and focused feedback on user interaction simply cannot be achieved through print advertising or any other advertising option in the profession.

Our advertisers receive 50,000-60,000 impressions a month!

For more information, please contact our advertising department by email advertising department by email or Phone: 800-215-2713 ext.709.

Download the 2018 Media Kit


“Our participation with Connecting Directors advertising program has been nothing short of superb.  We anticipated a positive response and found that our expectations were pleasantly exceed.  We are delighted to say that every day we receive multiple inquiries about our product. The team at Connecting Directors has been supportive and complementary to our organization.  We are thankful to have first-rate company to collaborate with and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.”

– Melissa Toth, Marketing Specialist, Thanoseal

“Advertising on works! Response to our advertisement was instantaneous. has put our company in the forefront for the funeral industry.”

-Paul Generowicz,

“C&J FINANCIAL, LLC is proud to be one of’s original advertisers. By advertising on C&J FINANCIAL has increased our business and continue to expose our company daily to a rapidly growing member base. The staff and I at C&J also wanted to tell you congratulations on success and the roll out of the new It looks fantastic! I can’t believe in just less than a week C&J’s ad has been viewed thousands of times and by our key demographics. We are really excited about the new enhancements of the site that now give us the ability to see how many times our ad is being viewed and more importantly how many people are visiting our site from yours. With these new enhancements we can now determine which ads pull the best response and be flexible in our marketing efforts so that we maximize every dollar of our advertising budget.”

-Jamie Meredith – Executive Vice President, C&J Financial

“I’m thrilled to have as a tool to link with funeral service professionals around the world. Being a CD member allows me to stay connected, meet industry leaders, and dialog on important topics and news events of the day.
The founder of this innovative Web 2.0 site, Ryan Thogmartin, is one of those young, energetic, born-to-lead fellows coming into the field.

With his dedication, will only grow in value to its members. Thank you, Ryan, for all you’re doing to bring funeral directors, assistants, embalmers, and related vendors together!”

-Kim Stacey – Founder, Association of Women Funeral Directors

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