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He Who Dies With The Most Toys Is Still Dead

August 20, 2009

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He Who Dies With The Most Toys Is Still Dead

As we make our way down the path that becomes our personal life journey, we accumulate many things. They range from the most to the least important, but as we gather them to us, our priorities often become distorted.

I have a friend who owns a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. He lives, eats and breathes that car. His friends identify him with his car and it is difficult for him to maintain a conversation without referring to it. Another acquaintance is so proud of her pool and decorative gazebo that they have become her defining issues. As I lounge beside her pool or drive in his car I often push buttons – just because I can.

I?ll bet your grandchildren really love driving with Gramps in this incredible car? ?Are you kidding? Let those little urchins loose in the backseat of this baby ? Do you realize the quality of the leather on the seats? Have you any idea how much it would cost to remove ice cream stains from this upholstery? No they?ve never been in it and I don?t plan to let them either. Do you have any idea how much this car cost??

I bet this beautiful pool provides you with many hours of calm and relaxation. ?I hate to say this, but I haven?t really ever sat to enjoy it. The cleaning and maintenance take me almost six hours every day and by the time that is done, I?m ready for a nap. I hate to get it dirty so I avoid letting the grandchildren use it ? I always try to visit them at their houses. I just had the liner replaced and all it would take is one sharp toy and I would have to start all over again. If I want to swim I wait till I?m on holiday. It?s so hard to clean and I want to keep it perfect in case someone drops by unexpectedly.?

I am saddened by the approach some people have when it comes to assigning values to things in their lives. Where do you fall in the spectrum? Feel free to substitute any of your own toys in the appropriate spot in the above stories. What priorities have you placed on your toys? Which things do you hold precious and what priority ratings do you designate for them?

Help me with the following things that puzzle me ?

? a car?s worth compared to that of a child?s smile ? a pool?s value compared to splashing with your kids in the backyard ?

How many of you have your priorities upside down? If your car rates higher than your children, something is wrong. If the value you place on any of your possessions ranks higher than the value you place on your health you may have to take a serious look at your life. What if you can?t afford to accumulate toy?s – but only amass friends and good memories?

I leave you with this thought: When the game is over, the king and the pawn go in the same box.