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Is WalMart Selling Preneed Without a License?

October 29, 2009

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Is WalMart Selling Preneed Without a License?

imageIs WalMart selling preneed? I was posed this question by another member today who lives in Florida. It really got me thinking. She asks her question because Walmart is selling caskets, but is offering no interest or payments for 12 months. Evidently, the Funeral State Board office in Florida is looking into the case. Here is what she emailed me:

Subject: Walmart selling preneed

“Ryan, yesterday I sent an email inquiry to Doug Shropshire at our State Board office, asking if Walmart is selling preneed without a lcense. They are offering 12 months no interest deal. Do interstate commerce laws allow this because if so, all holds are barred. Shropshire responded to me immediately and said they would review and get back to us.”

I guess we will have to wait and see. Does anyone have thoughts on the situation? Could this really be considered preneed?