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WalMart Selling Caskets Online?

October 21, 2009

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WalMart Selling Caskets Online?

I was emailed a link Walmart’s website yesterday. The member who sent this to me did a search for “caskets”. The search resulted yielded 14 Star Legacy caskets, all the pictures for the caskets are marked as “NEW” (as in New Item).

When clicking on the casket to view the details, the following information is given:

Important Information

You must confirm the shipping address for casket delivery with your funeral home director. Often this address is different from the funeral home itself. Enter the following information for the shipping address at checkout:

First and last name: name of the deceased

Company name: name of funeral home or mortuary

Address: shipping address given to you by the funeral home director

Phone Number: phone number of the mortuary

Return Information

Due to FTC regulations, can only accept a return of a casket, urn or memorial jewelry due to freight or cosmetic damage from shipping. Walmart stores cannot accept the return of any casket or urn.

Shipping Information

Caskets will ship within 48 hours of a confirmed order and are delivered by Fedex overnight. Click here for a delivery chart. Once the casket has shipped you will be emailed a Fedex Tracking number.

Delivery Restrictions

We cannot deliver to all areas of the United States. Click here for a map which shows the areas to which we currently deliver.

It appearsas though Walmart is planning to ship the caskets directly to the funeral home. Are people really doing this? The estimated delivery of the casket shows a two day window (if ordered today shipment would be received Oct 23 – 24). So what happens when the casket doesn’t show in time?

Has anyone been confronted with a family purchasing a casket online from WalMart?

Here is a link the to search results on