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Just who is Randy McCormick

August 20, 2009

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Just who is Randy McCormick

I think I speak for everyone when I say it has been a great pleasure to have Randy McCormick as a Guest Blogger. Randy is going to continue to write for us, but I want to give everyone a look at “Just who is Randy McCormick?”

Randy McCormick is a retired funeral director from the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. The family owned business – Burquitlam Funeral Home – is a “truly” family operation, so the translation of ?retirement? in reality is?On Call Whenever Someone Needs Old Dad?.

Trained in remote northern Alberta communities, Randy later migrated to the Vancouver area where his entire family followed in his footsteps and are all well respected funeral directors. His wife Dee and daughter Raeanne work for son Rob, who now owns Burquitlam Funeral Home, located on the geographic boundary between Burnaby and Coquitlam, both suburbs of Vancouver. Daughter Rochelle is manager of a corporate funeral home in the area.

Randy loves free thinking, marketing and innovation and in his latter years has become a mentor for many aspiring young men and women looking toward the funeral profession as a career option. He and his daughter Rae present workshops at numerous gatherings including one at the World Grief Conference called ?Caregiver Survival 101?. When not mentoring, writing, acting, painting or kilt-making, you can find him volunteering in the community or practising magic with his six grandchildren.