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WMA Collects Industry Data from 480 Funeral Home Professionals

October 7, 2009

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WMA Collects Industry Data from 480 Funeral Home Professionals

image Wilbert Manufacturers Association (WMA), the voice of the Wilbert licensee network, today announced results of a landmark survey on funeral director attitudes regarding both consumer product interests and burial vault companies. In addition to gathering internal intelligence specific to Wilbert Burial Vault products and services, respondents were also polled about their families? ?green? or environmentally-friendly burial interests.

When asked, ?Do you think the families you serve would have interest in a green/environmentally-friendly burial vault?, funeral home professionals answered as follows:

– 16% selected yes

– 21% selected no

– 24% selected unsure

– 39% selected maybe

Findings from this online survey indicate varied responses regarding green/environmentally-friendly burial vaults, with more than 60% of the audience being indecisive. With a benchmark in place, WMA plans to periodically measure response to this subject to determine if interest in ?green? burials increases, decreases, or stays as is.

?The purpose of the research was two fold,? stated Steve Turner, WMA president. ?First, we wanted our customers and prospects to provide us with a ?report card? on our efforts to serve them and the families with quality burial vaults and cremation products. Second, we wanted to gauge our customers on consumer interest for environmentally-friendly burial vaults.?

The online survey, conducted over the summer months, yielded responses from 480 funeral professionals from across the United States & Canada ? both customers and non-customers of Wilbert. Funeral directors were asked to rate Wilbert on several performance metrics such as product quality, customer service, and breadth of product line as well as industry issues such as the potential impact of the green movement.

?The customer rating for our performance in most areas has been very gratifying,? continued Turner. ?Overall, Wilbert and the local licensees scored very well. With this said, both our customers and prospects identified one or two components of our relationship where improvement is possible.? He continued, ?We are pleased with the results of the survey and the feedback we received and are now taking additional steps to meet and exceed customer expectations.?

?Like many cutting-edge companies, the entire Wilbert network realizes the importance of listening to the customer,” said Tony Colson, president of Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc. ?The feedback we have received in this survey in the area of customer service and cremation products is essential, and we look forward to announcing new initiatives and product strategies in the months to come.?