Dead Ringers Launches Online Course in Response to FTC Phone Sweep

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases Laws & Regulations February 23, 2024
Dead Ringers

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Dead Ringers Launches Online Course in Response to FTC Phone Sweep

Cincinnati, Ohio – Dead Ringers unveils new on-demand online course to provide training, education, and practical understanding of FTC phone compliance for every person involved in the funeral industry. Dead Ringers has always been training to FTC compliance—but the apparent need and urgency of funeral homes to know the Funeral Rule and to adhere to it is paramount. In response to the FTC’s unprecedented phone sweep announcement on January 25, 2024, Dead Ringers immediately moved to offer complimentary webinars, and continues to support deathcare firms by equipping them to adequately train their staff for compliance. Dead Ringers is moving beyond passive webinars and is now offering on-demand online courses designed specifically to train and equip funeral homes how to respond to price shoppers according to the Funeral Rule.

The Funeral Rule lays out specific do’s and don’ts for deathcare professionals when discussing funeral services over the phone. Failure to adhere to these guidelines comes with a hefty fine up to $51,744 per violation AND the firm’s information being posted on a public list of violators. These moves by the FTC are immediately damaging to businesses, but the lasting implications of a public violators list will damage businesses long after the infraction.

“After placing thousands of calls to hundreds of locations, we know for certain that Funeral Rule infractions are happening—daily. Maybe it’s a bad case of laziness that causes professionals to omit required pricing elements on the phone, or maybe it’s a lack of knowledge: what IS required, and HOW does it need to be presented, and WHAT IF it’s wrong? We can’t fix laziness—but we can address a lack of knowledge by equipping deathcare professionals with understanding of what they can say, what they can’t say, what they MUST say, and how,” states Dead Ringers COO Mandie Hungarland.

Dead Ringers’ on demand online course officially launches March 1, 2024. It is accurately priced to the number of employees being supported and can be accessed by team members individually and on their own time. This course includes videos featuring deathcare attorney and Dead Ringers founder Poul Lemasters, Esq., as well as customer experience expert Nicole Wiedeman. Further information—including preorder options—can be found on the Dead Ringers website at

About Dead Ringers: 

Dead Ringers was founded by Poul Lemasters in 2015 as the only mystery shop provider for the deathcare profession. They are the customer experience experts for deathcare firms. The mission is simple: improve the deathcare customer experience, one phone call at a time. Dead Ringers provides customer experience analysis and training solutions for funeral homes, cemeteries, and associations — including mystery shopping, on-site and remote training sessions, consultancy services and speaking engagements.