Thriving Despite Stressors: Evolving Leadership at the 2024 CANA Symposium

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CANA Symposium

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Thriving Despite Stressors: Evolving Leadership at the 2024 CANA Symposium

WHEELING, IL— The world is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. How we navigate that reality is important for ourselves and our teams. This February, Janice Honeycutt Hering, Founder and CEO of Firecracker Leadership, shares the tools to deal with the realities of our current work environments. Join us and learn to thrive at the Cremation Association of North America’s 2024 Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Understanding how we react and respond to stressors is key to successfully leading a team in today’s ever-changing environment. Janice Honeycutt Hering is a confident performance-driven leader, coach and trainer. Her 30+-year track record of solid accomplishments in organizational change, leadership development and team effectiveness means she’ll communicate a masterful understanding of the challenges we are facing post-pandemic and the added expectations to lead well even when we don’t know the clear path forward.  

“Those moments of uncertainty, awkwardness, or vulnerability are often the staging ground for personal and professional breakthroughs,” explains Janice. “Leaning into discomfort might mean facing rejection, acknowledging your limitations, or confronting long-held fears. However, it’s precisely through these experiences that you cultivate resilience, build character, and discover untapped reservoirs of strength.” She’ll provide key insights into your tendencies and what your team members need so you can walk away with tools to use immediately in your work and personal lives.  

Janice’s session on Evolving Leadership: Stressors of our Time and How We Can Thrive Despite Them opens the Symposium filled with strategies to grow your success for the year ahead:

  • Liza Altenburg shares a suite of tools in Selling with Sensitivity to cultivate authentic and meaningful relationships during the arrangement conference.
  • The Supplier Solutions Panel places innovation center stage with a broad spectrum of eco-conscious solutions from our panelists: Tim Collison of The Dodge Company, Darren Crouch of Passages International, August Esposito of Implant Recycling, Rachel Essig of The Green Burial Council, and Neil Sherrin of Plotbox.
  • Exploring Green Part 1 features Taelor Johnson with practical tips on marketing and communications and Landon Elder of Starmark debuts the company’s new research on Ceremonial Rental Casket use.
  • In Exploring Green Part 2, Jessica Wakefield describes the vision that went into launching SCI’s new holistic funeral home and Darren Crouch of Passages International shares a case-study on green options that raise the bottom line.
  • Lindsey Ballard of Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home and Nicki Mikolai of Resomation co-facilitate a discussion among attendees Lessons Learned: Business and Marketing Strategies for Going Green — and offer their own experience on adding alkaline hydrolysis to a business. 
  • The experience wraps with everyone’s favorite Roundtable Discussions for open discussion with presenters and other attendees.

Plus, Janice Honeycutt Hering serves as event emcee with Leadership Lessons throughout the Symposium to keep you inspired. Throughout the experience, she’ll provide insights and tips on influence, developing others, measuring team performance and more.

How can you bring out the best in yourself and your people? Thrive through uncertainty with Janice Honeycutt Hering! Join CANA for the 2024 Cremation Symposium February 14-16, 2024 at The LINQ Hotel + Experience in Las Vegas. Visit and explore green solutions that work for your business and your families. 

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