Introducing Generations™ by Batesville, Sustainable Caskets for Environmentally-Conscious Consumers

Batesville Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases October 30, 2023
Generations by Batesville

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Introducing Generations™ by Batesville, Sustainable Caskets for Environmentally-Conscious Consumers

BATESVILLE, Ind., October 30, 2023 – Batesville announced the introduction of Generations by Batesville, a new line of sustainable caskets designed to address the increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly products. The initial launch includes three products, the Promise, Sincerity and Haven, providing multiple designs and price points for optimal merchandising. Every Generations product is conscientiously crafted using fast-growing, abundant hardwoods sourced in the U.S., contemporary water-based wash finishes with low VOCs, all natural cotton interiors, and minimal metal elements. Products will be available throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Generations line is rooted in Batesville’s mission of helping families honor the lives of those they love®, including those who are actively looking for ways to lead more sustainable lives, a segment of the population that is growing rapidly. In a recent survey published by, 78% of consumers agreed that environmental sustainability is important and more than 60% have taken either moderate or significant steps to modify their lifestyles to be more sustainable.

“As a champion of innovation, we are excited to bring Generations sustainable products into the mainstream for funeral directors and families,” said Jenn Parvin, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Batesville. “Choosing a casket for a loved one can be an onerous task and providing products that respect an individual’s environmental goals and beliefs can provide peace of mind during a stressful time and help lay the path for a better future.”

Intentional material and design considerations

The Generations line uses environmentally-friendly materials and processes that are respectful of our resources and do not deplete or limit their availability for future generations. The company collaborated with experts to select the right materials and refine its manufacturing processes, investing in new equipment and tailoring processes as needed. From harvesting fast-growing hardwoods that are native to the U.S., to processing more of each tree to minimize waste and using contemporary water-based stains, every decision is intentional with an eye toward sustainability. The result is a more natural appearance with wooden knots and natural characteristics that appeal to families who appreciate elegant simplicity.

The Generations line includes:

  • The Promise –Features a sleek domed top and intricate design details highlighted by a mocha wash finish, with Batesville’s proprietary Family Choices® photo and medallion panels to provide enhanced personalization.
  • The Sincerity –A curved plank-top design and driftwood grey wash are enhanced by intricate edges and handles with interior personalization options.
  • The Haven –A classic flat-top design with a linen ivory wash finish and interior personalization features to accommodate photos and other personal memorabilia. 

Generations caskets leverage Batesville’s proprietary dual disposition design, making them an ideal choice for burial or cremation families, and offering increased profit potential for funeral homes. Although designed with an eco-conscious mindset, their modern aesthetics and value-added features are popular with a much larger audience.

Generations Caskets by Batesville

Investing in the environment for future generations

There is a tendency to equate sustainability with “green” simply because of the environmental connection, but in funeral service, “green” typically refers to the preparation of the body and the manner and location of burial, and currently represents around two percent of deaths. Sustainability is a much broader concept that encompasses the environment, social responsibility and governance, or ESG.

Sustainability has higher standards that include the processes and materials used in manufacturing, the impact on the people who produce and consume the products and the long-term impact on our natural resources and ecosystem.

For example, the water-based stains used for Generations products are not only better for the environment because they emit fewer toxins, they also don’t require special respiratory equipment for application and can cleaned up without harsh chemicals. The 100% natural cotton used to craft interiors is considered a sustainably grown, produced and distributed textile. And the water used in the fabric finishing process is 100% filtered and recycled for reuse in each dying process.

Sustainable product sales outpace traditional offerings.

As more consumers consider the environmental impact of products when making purchase decisions, the demand for sustainable products is accelerating, resulting in sales growth at almost three times the rate of traditional products, according to

“We conducted our own research to better understand consumer attitudes about sustainable funeral products, and found that families not only desire sustainable caskets, they’re also willing to pay more for products that help to minimize their environmental impact,” said Parvin.

  • 65% of survey respondents believe sustainability is important when making a purchase.
  • 42% are interested in purchasing a sustainable casket for a friend or loved one.
  • More than 50% stated they are willing to pay more for a sustainable casket.

Honor a life. Sustain the next.

Available exclusively from Batesville, Generations caskets purchased through licensed funeral directors qualify for a complimentary memorial tree planting through the company’s Living Memorial® program. In partnership with its customers, Batesville has donated more than 14.5 million tree seedlings to national forests and woodlands, making it one of the largest, most longstanding reforestation initiatives in North America.

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