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Tamworth Funeral Firm Uses VW Campervan as a Hearse

October 2, 2009
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Tamworth Funeral Firm Uses VW Campervan as a Hearse

AUSTRALIA – A MIDLAND funeral firm is offering Volkswagen fans the ultimate send-off ? by using a VW camper as a hearse.

Clare Brookes and business partner Michelle Orton, both aged 35, created the camper van when they launched their unique funeral van three years ago.

The Tamworth-based pair, who are VW enthusiasts, spent

Clare and Michelle also offer bereaved families the choice of a stretched Beetle Limousine and bus and camper van fleet for funeral hire.

Clare said: ?I have always loved cars and so I thought to myself, ?What would I like to go off in?? I just thought, ?Stick me in a camper van?.

?If that?s what I?d want, I thought there had to be a market out there.

?Our camper van was born in 1972 and was a motorway body removal vehicle, so it was similar to a hearse before.

?We just changed the metal flooring to wood.? The van, which has hire charges starting at