Terrybear’s Exclusive Infinity Urn Vault is a Game Changer

Cremation Funeral Industry News Products & Services May 23, 2023
Infinity Urn Vault

Terrybear’s Exclusive Infinity Urn Vault is a Game Changer

Every once in a while a product comes along that’s so perfectly ingenious it actually makes everyone question what took so long for someone to invent it. The Infinity Urn Vault, which was recently introduced by Terrybear Urns and Memorials, is one of those products.

What it is … and what it’s not

An urn vault serves two primary purposes: To help preserve the ground in which it is buried and to protect the precious contents it holds. To that end, traditional urn vaults are made of heavy reinforced concrete; newer versions offer a lighter, yet less protective plastic composition. Like miniature versions of the casket burial vaults that preceded them, urn vaults are usually box-shaped, requiring an equally boxy hole in the ground and plenty of effort to accommodate them. 

The Infinity Urn Vault is everything you’d expect an urn vault to be — strong, durable, and protective — but also offers features you’d never expect from a traditional concrete or plastic vault.

“Infinity takes the best of concrete and plastic vaults and combines it into one product,” explains Stephen Noyes, Sales Director at Terrybear. “The Infinity Urn Vault is lighter, stronger, and easier to install than any other vault on the market.”

A round peg in a round hole

One of the most unique features of the Infinity Urn Vault is its revolutionary cylindrical shape, which literally changes the game of installation.

“A lot of other vaults are rectangular or square,” Noyes continues. “This is cylindrical, which makes it easy to install by making the prep work really simple. One person with a mechanical auger can install it easily.”

Infinity Urn Vault Installation

As Noyes explains — and anyone who has ever handled a concrete vault knows — installation can be backbreaking work, usually requiring more time, effort, and huge, heavy equipment. Infinity’s shape and 8.2-pound glass-infused plastic composition eliminates those requirements.

“The Infinity Urn Vault minimizes the risks of worker comp claims and employee satisfaction in general,” he says. “There is just less likelihood of things going wrong, like dropping a heavy urn or otherwise hurting themselves.”

The innovative cylindrical shape and light weight makes the Infinity easily stackable, drastically minimizing storage space.

Not too good to be true

After decades of limited choices and doing things the same way when it comes to urn vaults, some may wonder if something described as “simple, easy, durable, and revolutionary” is too good to be true. It’s not — just ask its inventor, Matt Wieser.

Wieser is a licensed funeral director who grew up in the concrete vault world. In 1969, his father started the Wieser Vault company, which Matt purchased in 2012. After a lifetime of navigating heavy equipment through cemeteries to install bulky concrete vaults, he envisioned a better, easier alternative. From that vision, his Infinity Urn Vault was born.

“The vault is made of glass-infused, recycled plastic, which gives it its extensive tensile strength,” Wieser explains. “It can withstand the pressures that are going to be put on it. It’s able to withstand backhoes or lawnmowers or any type of tree that falls on it. Lab testing shows it’s actually stronger than concrete. It’s even withstood the weight of a 38,000-pound truck.”

Infinity Urn Vault Strength Demo

The vault’s integrity is reinforced by an internal membrane design that not only adds to its strength, but also cradles the contents placed inside so urns don’t fall over or shift noisily as they’re being lowered into the ground.

“I designed it so that once you place that urn into the unit, it automatically falls to one side and leans up against a wall,” Wieser explains. “Also, there’s plenty of room for families to place paraphernalia inside the urn.”

Infinity Urn Vault Membrane

The lid of the vault is secured by a watertight gasket that easily outperforms traditional glue or tape sealants.

“No elements are going to get into it once it’s in the ground,” Wieser says. “All you do is just set the top on and let Mother Nature do the rest. The pressure from the ground will push the top down and keep it tight.”

Try your own slice

After completing his design and applying for a trademark and patent in 2018, Matt shared his invention with his friends at Terrybear Urns & Memorials, a company with whom his family has enjoyed a decades-long relationship. 

“We’ve been partners with Wieser for a long, long time — we go back at least 25 years,” says Nikki Nordeen, Executive Director of Client Success and Brand at Terrybear. “When Matt approached us and showed us the Infinity Urn Vault, we knew we wanted to offer our distributor network so we could share it across the deathcare industry.”

Last fall, Terrybear became the exclusive distributor of the Infinity Urn Vault, offering it to the funeral and cemetery industry across North America. Since then, they’ve shared the vault with multiple deathcare professionals, some of whom have described it as “the best thing since sliced bread.”

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to personally handle the Infinity Urn Vault, contact your Terrybear distributor, or reach out to Terrybear Urns and Memorials to get in touch with your area’s representative. The minimum order is one vault, providing you the opportunity to share it with your team, test its strength, show it to families, and even experience the simplicity of a one-person installation.