Divine Memories Helps You Transform the Funeral Experience in a Real Way

Funeral Industry News Products & Services Technology May 11, 2023
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Divine Memories Helps You Transform the Funeral Experience in a Real Way

What would you say if one simple tool could serve three vital purposes in today’s deathcare community?  You might say, “it’s too good to be true!” To that, we’d say, “Let us introduce you to Divine Memories.

Divine Memories’ simple tool transforms a family’s funeral experience into something beautiful and interactive, while creating new revenue streams for your organization, and at the same time, builds a reliable, robust database of high-quality local leads.

An international sensation!

Divine Memories is a unique platform that serves multiple functions for funeral homes and families. First and foremost is its innovative tool, The Window of Memories, a simple and interactive platform that allows families to easily crowdsource photos, messages of support or condolences, tributes, and memories from anyone, anywhere and display them instantly in the funeral home and remotely. When uploading condolences, guests are asked to provide their name and phone number, instantly creating a digital register book and a valuable resource for future contact by your team.  

Second, The Digital Book App, where all contributions can be displayed and shared on mobile devices. Cherished and healing memories are always at the fingertips of friends and family.

The concept behind Divine Memories is straightforward and deceptively simple, yet ingenious, begging the question of why someone hasn’t already introduced such an amazing idea until now. In fact, Divine Memories has been enjoyed by more than 75,000 families across nine countries over the past six years.

“We are excited to finally launch Divine Memories in North America,” Vice President of Sales Iliana Villareal explains. “We are thrilled to have established our North American Headquarters in Boulder Colorado. Our company was born in Spain, is growing and we are proud and happy to have served more than 600 funeral homes in Andorra, Portugal, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, and across Europe and Latin America. Divine Memories is highly recognized, winning several awards including, Level UP Awards 2018 for Innovation and Business Excellence Awards in 2020.”

How it works

Getting set up to offer Divine Memories to the families you serve is incredibly easy. It only requires users with mobile devices. If you also want to transform the in-person experience, then also a television screen on which to display The Window of Memories. As an official LG developer, Divine Memories recommends a specific LG model that’s readily available in retail stores for an optimum experience, but funeral homes may also use their existing screen technology with an inexpensive adapter. 

“The fact is, we all have photos of someone we love on our mobile phones,” says Villareal. “We don’t always carry our laptop or know which website to log into. But uploading a photo I already have on my phone using a link I received or a QR code is very easy.”

The Window of Memories and Digital Book are updated in real time as friends and family members submit their contributions, making the screen an truly interactive and inspiring focal point of the service. However, onsite participation isn’t a requirement.

 “No in-person services? No worries!” Villareal says. “Thanks to Divine Memories’ Digital Book app, mobile devices are enough to transform your customers’ funeral experience.”

Benefits abound

Divine Memories eliminates the burden of gathering photos from grieving loved ones and freeing up the time of directors and staff. The tributes uploaded to the Window of Memories serve double duty as a visual display of memories and as a guest book, both of which are shared digitally with the family, eliminating the need to burn and distribute DVDs or upload files to flash drives.

“In addition to offering funeral professionals the opportunity to really transform the funeral experience for their families, we’re also taking things off their plate, saving valuable time and money” Villareal says. “Divine Memories also gives them new opportunities to make money, which is key to their business.”

The first revenue opportunity Divine Memories offers is in the service itself, as funeral homes may choose to charge for the use of the Window of Memories and Digital Book as they would charge for any add-on, tribute video and/or guest book. Floral sales stemming from the app may also generate income, as does the opportunity to display advertisements for local businesses on the screen in between services. However, the most valuable resource for funeral home revenue is the ready-made and always-growing database of names and up-to-date contact information from each and every funeral service.

“Every single person who interacts with the platform leaves their phone number,” explains Villareal. “It creates a high-quality, fresh database that can be used for preneed or aftercare marketing services. 

Lastly, Divine Memories gives your funeral home’s brand unprecedented exposure. Every guest or individual who uploads tributes will view your funeral home name and logo. The availability of such innovative technology helps you build your brand,  stand out from your competitors, and increase profits, and offers a great opportunity to share the availability of Divine Memories with local news outlets.

Reach out today!

If you’re ready to free up your team’s time, to transform your families funeral experience, to create new revenue streams, and to become your community’s leader in interactive funeral home technology, reach out to Iliana Villareal and the Divine Memories team today at DivineMemories.com or by email at iliana@divinememories.com

To see the Divine Memories Window of Memories in action, visit Iliana and her team at Booth 342 at the 2023 ICCFA Annual Convention & Expo in Kansas City, Missouri next week!