Everything After earns NFDA Innovation Award at 2022 convention

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases October 23, 2022
Everything After

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Everything After earns NFDA Innovation Award at 2022 convention

BALTIMORE, Md. – Family-focused aftercare program Everything After has earned the
prestigious National Funeral Directors Association Innovation Award.

Everything After brings together estate and grief experts alongside experts across the funeral
profession to create the only family-first aftercare platform built to help families through
everything after a funeral.

A panel of ten funeral profession experts judged the competition of 22 participants. The first
runner up was KeepTrack, a QR body tracking system by Gather. Ecorial, an app by The Living
Urn that allows families to record the exact GPS coordinates, date and time of a loved one’s
memorial, was second runner up.

“We created Everything After to focus on the family and help them through some of life’s most
difficult moments,” Everything After general manager Payton Thompson said. “We’re excited the
profession recognizes how important it is to provide that amazingly helpful and beneficial

Everything After started with a simple question: What do families need after a funeral? The
research is clear: Families need more from aftercare than a few check-ins and texts. They
desperately need help managing grief while dealing with the hundreds of logistics involved in
closing an estate.

“We’re not the first aftercare company,” Thompson said. “But we believe we’re the first aftercare
company to truly focus on what the family needs after a loss. And together with our partners –
notably Full Circle Aftercare and Noble Health – we provide expert and comprehensive support,
from easily accessible information and advice to a professional hands-on approach for those
who need it.”

Funeral homes often talk about the 125 tasks that need to be completed before a funeral. But
rarely addressed is the mountain of tasks families face after a funeral.

To help, Everything After’s complete estate, grief, and communications platform includes
step-by-step estate guidance, in-depth grief courses designed by licensed therapists, and a fully
managed communications program.

“Every day, we have real conversations with hundreds of families from all over the country,” said
Everything After operations manager Kandace Francom. “We’ve helped people find life
insurance policies and other money they didn’t know could help in the event of a death, and
helped them find grief resources to process the loss they’ve experienced.”

Because Everything After believes every family should have access to amazingly helpful
aftercare, the core platform is free to funeral homes and families. Funeral homes that want to
make online reviews and multichannel touchpoints part of the experience can also add
industry-leading 5-star review generation, a text communications platform, and live responders
who connect with families.

“Our goal in how we serve every single family is to maintain and strengthen the relationship
between the family and the funeral home,” said Thompson. “It’s always people first. It’s always
about how we can help the family.”

Everything After would like to thank the National Funeral Directors Association, the judges, our
funeral home partners and especially the families we have served for their support. For funeral
homes interested in adding amazingly helpful aftercare, please visit everythingafter.com.

About Everything After

Everything After is amazingly helpful aftercare. The funeral profession’s only estate and grief
platform with step-by-step estate plans, therapist-led video content, and experts on hand to
answer questions and provide guidance. Help every family through life’s most difficult moments
after a funeral. Get started for free at EverythingAfter.com