When Communications Cause Conflict

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When Communications Cause Conflict

WHEELING, IL—Added stress was identified as the most significant consequence of poor work communication by The Economist in 2018. Even worse, time pressures were listed among the top three causes of miscommunication. What are high-pressure funeral service jobs filled with? Stress and time pressure! You can examine these issues on October 18th, when Poul Lemasters joins Funeral Professional Peer Support (FPPS) and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) to facilitate a peer support meeting for funeral professionals to talk about miscommunication and conflict in the workplace.

Workplace communication encompasses all messaging methods, includes people of all generations, is not always clearly conveyed,  and can be vulnerable to subjective interpretation. With all of these factors at play, it’s no wonder that miscommunication can lead to hours of extra work and lost revenue. Not to mention the conflict that can arise between colleagues when blame for the extra work and lost revenue spreads throughout the team.

Poul Lemasters has worked in funeral service for over 20 years, first as a funeral director, then as a lawyer and Principal of Lemasters Consulting. He understands how important effective workplace communication is and the far-reaching impact it can have. That’s why Poul provides support through proactive prevention and reactive counseling, and why he’s excited to facilitate the October funeral professionals peer support meeting. “The most important thing to remember as you handle any situation is communication,” advises Poul. “You can’t solve a problem by ignoring it (the problem only comes back bigger at a later date).”

People of all backgrounds, experiences, and locations are welcome to come to discuss their own frustrations and missteps with communications or whatever else may be weighing on their mind. And if you don’t have a pressing issue to discuss, the meetings are a valuable place to offer support to your colleagues, too!

If you work for a funeral home, cemetery, or crematory serving the public, or support those who do, connect with us on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 5pm PT via Zoom link at goCANA.org/peersupport. Students, apprentices, and interns are welcome to join as well.

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