Commander Initiative Partners with FUNERAweb

Funeral Industry Press Releases July 31, 2022

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Commander Initiative Partners with FUNERAweb

Commander Initiative and FUNERAweb announced today they have entered a strategic partnership that will strengthen the national live streaming & funeral webcasting support for funeral homes and funeral professionals. 

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During the past several months, our Advisory Board visited with FUNERAweb discussing the impact of Covid-19 and its impact on the funeral industry. One of the most desired changes were live streaming and for many it was a total disaster. Directors experienced crashing, mismanagement, music copyright infringements, poor reception, and worse major privacy issues. Now that live streaming has become a mainstay for funerals there are some major changes that are occurring to protect the family privacy and music copyrights. We found that funeral homes who continue to utilize the free options provided by social media outlets will be astonished and disrupted due to new regulations.

When we considered the many negative pitfalls that could be experienced by our Funeral partners it was determined to be imperative that we complete the investigation. This is what brought us to FUNERAweb, unlike many of the live streaming companies FUNERAweb did not start during the pandemic.


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The FUNERAweb company was founded in August of 2005 after the passing of a friend, Sylvie Légaré, who was 37 years old and had fought a long and valiant battle against cancer. The founders, Chantal Lepage and Mario Duchesneau, who wanted to pay tribute to her and leave her loved ones with invaluable memories, produced a video montage of Sylvie’s life, which was played on a big-screen television during her wake at the funeral home as well as on the web at

The funeral home ambiance that normally reigns under such dire circumstances was transformed into a true celebration of life.

This partnership brings together a combined force of more than two hundred independent Funeral Homes, from the Commander Initiative, nationally, and FUNERAweb. This new funerary concept meets an ever-growing desire expressed by families to perpetuate the memory and the very essence of the dearly departed in a professional manner and in good taste. Since its inception some 12 years ago, well over 20,000 families have chosen to take advantage of this service, now part of a wide variety of multimedia funeral souvenirs appreciated by everyone.

The Commander Initiative Board Chair Ronald Grayson says, “our partnership with FUNERAweb will provide the most direct, simple, and friendly live streaming available. The board agreed that the depth of this offer is comprehensive and can provide for the future of our industry.

This also provides an outstanding opportunity for the Commander Initiative, a cooperative purchasing organization, to assist in leveraging quality, and professional service for the network of funeral homes, nationally.” 

We, The Commander Initiative, commit our efforts to “Satisfying the needs of funeral partners to best serve their client’s every wish.” We accept the challenge together. We pledge to be “Here when you need us.”