Commander Initiative Partners With Titan Casket Company

Funeral Industry Press Releases July 31, 2022

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Commander Initiative Partners With Titan Casket Company

Commander Initiative and Titan Casket Company announced today they have entered a strategic partnership that will strengthen the national casket support for funeral homes and funeral professionals.

After numerous sessions, our Advisory Board unanimously agreed that the Titan Casket Company is a win for The Commander Initiative and the future of its members. They say things have changed dramatically since the Pandemic. When it comes to buying caskets, the playing field is now open to more genuine considerations and open conversations regarding price hikes, and customization, as we enter this next phase of the funeral profession.

This partnership brings together a combined force of more than two hundred independent Funeral Homes, from the Commander Initiative, nationally, and the Titan Casket Company. ensuring fast and free delivery to any funeral home in the United States. Titan is recognized for introducing more eco-friendly and customized options for caskets to honor specific tastes and interests.

The Commander Initiative President/CEO, Mr. Eddie Pitt says, “our partnership with Titan Casket Company addresses our most sensitive casket delivery issues affecting all our Commander Partners. Noting that the pandemic has completely changed the scope of casket purchasing throughout the industry, most casket distributors resorted to hiking their prices. This has opened a new door of opportunity for the Commander Initiative, a cooperative purchasing organization, to assist in leveraging vendor pricing for the network of funeral homes, nationally.”

Titan Casket’s mission is to offer high quality caskets and to drive affordability and transparency in the funeral industry.

Joshua Siegel said, “Titan Casket relies on strategically placing warehouses across the U.S. to help ensure delivery times. The company also plan for disruptive events such as  inclement weather. Siegel claims the company can ship its caskets out by the next day — even those that are custom-made.

We, The Commander Initiative, commit our efforts to “Satisfying the needs of funeral partners to best serve their client’s every wish.” We accept the challenge together. We pledge to be “Here when you need us.”