Stronger Together: The Value of Peer Support

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Stronger Together: The Value of Peer Support

Employee Engagement and Retention at CANA’s Convention

WHEELING, IL—Burnout may have been the buzzword recent years, but it’s not a new one. The World Health Organization classified it as an occupational phenomenon “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed” starting in the early 1990s. So, how can we counter burnout and support our colleagues in the funeral profession? Learn firsthand how peer support can promote health and wellness in the workplace. Join Michael Dixon, Founder, and Kim Zavrotny, Program Director USA, of Funeral Professionals Peer Support at CANA’s 104th Cremation Innovation Convention in Atlanta, Georgia this August 17-19, 2022. 

Those in caregiving careers are more likely to suffer from burnout. Funeral professionals show compassion to grieving families every day, and they commonly cite burnout and depression as reasons for leaving a company—or even the profession. This can’t be just an individual’s issue. It’s on owners, managers, and all of us to support each other in the workplace.

As Founder of Funeral Professionals Peer Support, Michael Dixon will share the personal experiences that encouraged him to reach out to colleagues when the work overwhelmed. Kim Zavrotny, licensed funeral director at McComas Funeral Homes in Maryland, will talk about bringing the practice state-side to enrich her funeral home and the profession as a whole.

“We can’t go on doing the same thing and expecting different results. We have lost too many amazing, talented people in our profession to suicide and burnout,” says Michael. “That’s why, as a profession, we can be the leaders. We joined this profession because we care about people. Now it’s time to care for one another.”

Michael and Kim share the stage with presentations from other experts:

  • Brian Waters co-host of Undertaking: The Podcast, opens the convention with a plan to Question Everything.
  • Jake Johnson, President & CEO of Johnson Consulting, helps attendees set their goals and priorities with Interactive Strategic Planning.
  • Michael Dixon and Kim Zavrotny talk about stress and burnout in the workplace and how we’re Stronger Together: The Value of Peer Support.
  • CANA’s own Barbara Kemmis will facilitate a discussion on Cremation Trends Part 1: Statistics and Business Diversification with expert insights from leaders across the profession.
  • Cremation Trends Part 2: Cremation Memorialization introduces the results of brand-new research on memorialization trends in the US and Canada.
  • John Baker and Judy Olson of National Guardian Life Insurance share their data and experience with Cremation & Preneed.
  • …plus, the always popular Roundtable Conversations offer collaborative discussion on solutions and new ideas for all attendees!

Join the movement to support your staff and colleagues with Funeral Professionals Peer Support! Savor your bite of the Big Peach and join CANA for the 104th Cremation Innovation Convention August 17-19 at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit to see what else we have planned for the event and register to join other cremation business owners and managers from across the country.


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