EverArk Cemetery & Legacy Software to Debut at ICCFA, and It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

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EverArk Cemetery & Legacy Software to Debut at ICCFA, and It’s Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

Attention cemeterians: Are you still working with clunky spreadsheets or antiquated card files? Are you paying a lot of money for software that doesn’t really fit your needs? Would the families you serve like to select and purchase a plot from you from the comfort of their couch? And — here’s the biggest question — would you be interested in a digital legacy system that actually generates revenue for your cemetery?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let us introduce you to EverArk. EverArk is a brand new cemetery management system that’s designed not just for cemeterians, but also for the owners of your cemetery’s plots and their loved ones. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before in the cemetery software space. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Yes. You read that right. Right now, EverArk is free, and it’s making its spectacular debut at ICCFA on March 22.

Built from the ground up (no pun intended)

EverArk isn’t your everyday cemetery customer relationship manager (CRM) program. The creators of EverArk built this software to help you not only manage your cemetery and your plot sales, but also to help your families memorialize their loved ones in new, innovative ways.

“We’ve basically brought together typical, standard cemetery management features combined with digital legacy software,” explains Greg Marmulak, CEO of EverArk. “Having that all in one package is what makes this unique.”

Like many of the greatest inventors, Marmulak saw a need within the industry and created EverArk to fill it. It started when his friend and business partner launched a green burial space, Morgan Oaks Eternal Preserve, in Northern California and was looking for cemetery management software.

“I’ve been in the software industry for 20 years,” Marmulak says, “so he called me and asked what type of software and technology solutions should he try to implement to manage this green burial ground.”

After attending various deathcare conferences and searching websites, Marmulak determined that none of the existing software solutions were a good fit. Either they were outdated, too expensive, or didn’t have the functionality they wanted. 

“There wasn’t one user experience that fit both the cemetery manager along with the plot owner and their family and friends,” Marmulak says. “So we decided we’d just build something. And lo and behold, here I am, three years later, launching our EverArk software.”

Simple, yet sophisticated

EverArk is built with both end users — cemeterians and families — in mind. Straightforward dashboards and intuitive functionality make managing the cemetery side a breeze, while the customer-facing features are thoughtful, interactive, and forward-thinking. Marmulak explains that that’s no accident.

“At the end of the day, it has to be user friendly,” he says. “So making sure all of the functionality is easy to access and understand while you’re in the software is really important.”

At its core, EverArk is a fully-functional cemetery management tool, with CRM features for thoroughly managing both sales and customer relationships. Its dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of the cemetery’s health in terms of sales and revenue, with drill-down options by garden, plot, and more. Each user has a dedicated workspace with their own personalized alerts and notifications that guide them on next steps and action items.

What really sets EverArk apart from anything on the market today, though, are the features your customers and their families will see, use, and greatly appreciate.

“Our competitive advantage is our online storefront,” explains Marmulak. “We’ve built an e-commerce platform into EverArk that allows customers to filter and navigate through the different plot offerings sold by the cemetery and actually purchase them online.”

An unexpected customer experience

Your customer’s interaction with your cemetery doesn’t end with the purchase of a plot, though. EverArk has also integrated an extremely robust digital legacy package into the software that allows families to memorialize their loved ones who have already passed, while giving your preneed customers the opportunity to create a highly-personalized digital interface for their families to use after they’re gone.

“You can load into the software all of your contacts that you want to be notified upon your death,” Marmulak explains. “You can also leave private messages for certain people. We’ve even included an area where you can securely add passwords and account information so it can be managed easily by your designee.”

These features are in addition to traditional legacy memorials like obituaries, family trees, and images. Plus, Marmulak shared some exciting interactive innovations that are in the EverArk development pipeline, including the opportunity to see and hear your deceased loved one in a unique way.

“We actually have a patent on technology that will allow you to upload a picture and create a full 3D avatar of your loved one in our EverArk app,” he explains. “When you open the app at the burial place, you can see the deceased’s full 3D avatar in augmented reality, leaving you a message.”

Did we mention EverArk is free?

With its all-in-one approach to management, sales, and customer interaction, EverArk has flipped the script on cemetery software. Following that lead, Marmulak has created an extremely unique pricing model for new EverArk users.

“We’re giving away the cemetery management software for free for 30 days — or forever for some cemeteries,” he says. “The cemeteries can then sell their plots and digital legacy software packages through their EverArk program to generate ongoing revenue.”

Marmulak clarifies that the software and its full functionality will always be available at no cost for a single cemetery with no more than one garden and up to 1,000 plots. Cemeteries with more than one location, multiple gardens, or over 1,000 plots can keep EverArk after their 30-day trial for only $12 per user per month.

All cemeteries using EverArk can easily create their own storefront for plot sales and sell EverArk digital legacy packages to their customers, as well. Single digital legacy packages are offered at a suggested retail price of $299, with the cemetery retaining $100 of the purchase. Larger packages create even more revenue.

“What we’re bringing to market,” Marmulak explains, “is cloud-based software that’s current and exceeds the value any other solution may be offering.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out EverArk and meet Greg Marmulak and his team at Booth 1207 at the 2022 ICCFA Annual Convention & Exposition March 22 – 25! For more information today, email EverArk at greg.marmulak@everark.io or visit www.everark.io.