Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

Embalming Funeral Industry News GROW March 8, 2022
Embalming Tip

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Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

We are excited to collaborate with Cold Hands and Monica Torres, renowned licensed funeral director, embalmer, cremationist, cosmetic reconstructive specialist, desairologist, and owner/founder of NXT Generation Mortuary Support! Every week Connecting Directors will now share “Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week,” which Monica posts each Sunday afternoon to her Instagram channel @coldhandshosts.

Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week: Direct the trocar toward the pubic symphysis to drain the bladder

Draining the bladder is one of the most compassionate things an embalmer can do to help restore the dignity of deceased during the embalming process. Not only does it relieve the the bladder from impending and imminent expulsion of rancid and odiferous urine but it helps to prevent bacteria from growing. Relieving the bladder also creates an opportunity for longer term preservation.

When human urine (more specifically, the urea within) is metabolised by bacteria, ammonia is released that leads to the formation of gases within the body. After time those gases will eventually bloat the bladder and put pressure on other organs in the abdomen. Over time the bladder will expel the urine if not manually aspirated which can ruin not only the clothing of the deceased but the casket lining as well. An untreated bladder that is allowed to leak can have devastating effects on a families experience during a funeral.

Pro Tip: Once the tip of the trocar comes in contact with the pubic symphysis retract the trocar slightly depress down and pierce the bladder and aspirate until the bladder is empty.

Deathcare professionals: To gain online support for the embalming tips, visit Cold Hands Answers at NXT Generation Mortuary Support offers ongoing online continuing education opportunities for deathcare professionals!