Announcing a Permanent Solution to Safely Leaving Items to Honor Loved Ones at Gravesite

Funeral Industry News January 10, 2022
Visit Box

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Announcing a Permanent Solution to Safely Leaving Items to Honor Loved Ones at Gravesite

Patent-pending Visit Box is a safe and secure funeral remembrance holder

WINDSOR, COLORADO – Visit Box today announced the launch of its patent-pending product that allows families and loved ones to store items of love, honor and remembrance at the gravesite of the departed. Visit Box is a solution for people who want to leave a token or item at a grave, where these items may blow away, cause harm to wildlife or create a hazard to cemetery maintenance equipment if placed in a way that interferes with the care of graves and grave stones.

Visit Box is a logical and appropriate solution to a longstanding problem for people who wish to pay their respects at a burial site. The issue of leaving items of remembrance at cemeteries has been a problem for years, not only for people who want to leave items but also for the cemeteries that have operational cemetery maintenance guidelines. Visitors have always left items at graves during the grieving process; however, these items can be hazardous to the environment and to cemetery maintenance employees.

A documentary called “Section 60” about Arlington Cemetery showed the issue of families leaving so many items that Arlington created a pilot program to collect a family’s treasured items and not throw them away. This gave people a chance to retrieve what they had left. However, the solution did not last.

“The idea for Visit Box came from having lost my father after fighting cancer and then sudden cardiac death,” said the owner of the company. “Due to COVID-19 restrictions, my family could not come home with me for the funeral. I left a drawing from my daughter at his burial site and I returned the next day to see it blown into a nearby field. I had left a framed picture and months later it was eroding away. I wanted to create a product to help keep items that people leave at memorial sites secure from the elements, safer for wildlife and making sure that cemetery grounds would be free from litter.”

The owner continued, “It was heartbreaking to leave items at my father’s gravesite to help me grieve. Weather and wildlife can ruin or blow away meaningful, personal items and it can be devastating to lose them. I was still not getting over my grief, and my personal circumstances after his loss led me to channel my pain into something positive in creating a special product to contain items safely and securely.”

Visit Box is a small box made of stone. It is a weatherproof, rectangular box that can be secured to the foundation of any headstone. It helps cemeteries and families have fewer arguments when groundskeepers need to throw items away. Clearing the gravesite hurts and upsets families. People don’t realize that items like rosaries can be harmful for wildlife and get caught in landscaping equipment, increasing the burden of work for cemetery groundskeepers.

As cities grow, wildlife migrates to quieter areas like cemeteries. Mourners leave items that birds may take back to their nests and people who leave food offerings at graves can pose a hazard to different species.

Visit Box was recently presented for the first time at the National Funeral Director Association trade show and conference in Nashville, as members of the industry provided very positive feedback.