NFDA Bylaws Proposal Passes: Communication with Members Will Expand as Policy Board Transitions to Issues Forum

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NFDA Bylaws Proposal Passes: Communication with Members Will Expand as Policy Board Transitions to Issues Forum

Brookfield, Wis. – A proposal to amend the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Bylaws to, among other things, facilitate better member communication by transitioning to Issues Forum meetings, has passed, with 69.24% of members voting in favor of it. Two-thirds of votes cast must be affirmative for bylaws changes to be adopted.

Eligible members had from August 16 to September 14 to vote on the proposed changes to the NFDA Bylaws, which included:

Membership Voting Period. The voting period for membership votes on proposed changes to the NFDA Bylaws will be reduced from 30 days to 14 days.

Advocacy Committee. The size of the Advocacy Committee will be reduced from the NFDA officers and 10 NFDA members to the NFDA officers and seven NFDA members. The coordination of funding for and contributions by the NFDA Political Action Committee will be done in consultation with the NFDA CEO, President, Treasurer and Senior Vice President, Advocacy. The Committee will monitor the strategic action plans for NFDA’s Advocacy program.

Policy Board. NFDA will build an open communication structure through Issues Forum meetings that will allow for more open communication and multiple voices from one state to share information when they are convened. Issues Forums meetings, which will replace the Policy Board, could take place at major NFDA Conferences and/or Convention or be held virtually.

State associations will retain and appoint a State Association Representative who will continue to attend the in-person voting meeting and cast the vote for the At-large Representatives to the Board of Directors positions in-person at the NFDA Leadership Conference.

An Issue Forum will be scheduled during the Leadership Conference to allow each State Association Representative to cast their state’s vote in the election during the Issue Forum for at-large representatives to the Board of Directors.

Leadership Development Committee. The size of the committee will increase by three people and the term by one year for a total of three-year terms. NFDA will hold a one-time special election from members of the Policy Board to begin the revised committee.

These changes will go into effect on October 17, 2021. More information about the changes adopted by NFDA members is available online,

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