Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

Embalming Funeral Industry News GROW August 30, 2021
Embalming Tip of the Week

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Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

We are excited to collaborate with Cold Hands and Monica Torres, renowned licensed funeral director, embalmer, cremationist, cosmetic reconstructive specialist, desairologist, and owner/founder of NXT Generation Mortuary Support! Every week Connecting Directors will now share “Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week,” which Monica posts each Sunday afternoon to her Instagram channel@coldhandshosts.

Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week: Bleach and Firm Bruising on Hands or Face With a Multipurpose Feature Builder

I use a variety of feature builders in the prep room.

Each has unique properties and I utilize each one for different purposes. This particular brand has a moderate coagulating and setting time with practical firming results. It won’t over firm which I find is really great for use on uncomplicated cases

Pro tip:

Whenever I am uncomfortable trying a new product I look for an opportunity to practice on an inconspicuous area like on an arm or leg.

It’s definitely one of my favs for everyday use and y’all know love supporting female owned business! Yep, Kelco is a female owned embalming chemical company!

Hope you like this week’s tip! Until next week, Happy Embalming!

Deathcare professionals: To gain online support for the embalming tips, visit Cold Hands Answers at Generation Mortuary Support offers ongoing online continuing education opportunities for deathcare professionals! Next up is Suicide Series: Death by Hanging on September 2, 2021, for which you may register here.