Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

Embalming Funeral Industry News GROW August 1, 2021
Embalming tip of the week

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Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week

We are excited to collaborate with Cold Hands and Monica Torres, renowned licensed funeral director, embalmer, cremationist, cosmetic reconstructive specialist, desairologist, and owner/founder of NXT Generation Mortuary Support! Every week Connecting Directors will now share “Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week,” which Monica posts each Sunday afternoon to her Instagram channel @coldhandshosts.

The original gangsters of embalming were the Egyptians and they recognized tissue gasas an accelerant of decomposition. Matter of fact,they removed the braintissuethroughthe nose to prevent distortion of the eyesand face. Today we have powerful chemicals that attack this rude bug but knowing howtouse the chemicals is the real trick!

Tissue gas can easily be spread from body to body if embalming tools and instruments are not properly pre-treated and disinfected.

Cold Hands Embalming Tip of the Week: How to prevent transfer of the clostridium bug

1. Soak embalming tools in a tub ofDawnand enzymatic cleaner during the embalming process
2. Scrub offall residue of bloodand tissue/visible contamination
3. Add 2oz Morti-San to 1 qt. H2O, wash again and rinse well
4. After instruments are dry place in disinfection tray with fresh Morti-San solution for at least 20 min.
5. Rinse with clean water and lay instruments on clean towel to dry

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directionsfor soaking time and preparation of the solution. I like to use Morti-San by @piercechemical_ because it contains isopropanol benzethonium chloride but there are many effective brands that work

Hope you like this week’s tip! Join me every Monday morning on IG LIVE @coldhandshosts to explore this idea!

Until next week, HappyEmbalming!

Deathcare professionals: To gain online support for the embalming tips, visit Cold Hands Answers at Generation Mortuary Support offers ongoing online continuing education opportunities for deathcare professionals! Next up isEmbalming the Infant Death – Advanced Techniques for Infants, Stillborn and the Unbornon August 5, 2021, for which you mayregister here.