Premier Preneed Marketing Announces New Aftercare Offering

Funeral Industry News Funeral Industry Press Releases April 5, 2021

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Premier Preneed Marketing Announces New Aftercare Offering

Premier Preneed Marketing, a prominent preneed marketing company that offers funeral homes throughout the United States a comprehensive product portfolio to meet both their financial objectives and marketing needs, is excited to announce a new aftercare offering that engages families via text messaging.

“According to a study done by Salesforce this year, 84% of businesses use or plan to use texting in their sales and marketing efforts,” stated Jeff Wright, Vice President – Preneed at Premier Preneed Marketing. “Text communication is the fastest-growing form of communication. It only makes sense for funeral homes to leverage texting for aftercare, which can ultimately benefit their preneed marketing program.”

The text messaging program offers a variety of communications that “checks in” with the family such as one text message that offers grief resources. Topics for other messages include:

  • Initial check-in
  • 30-day follow-up
  • Benefits of pre-planning
  • Birthday of the decease
  • Veteran’s Day (if applicable)

“Not only does an effective aftercare program help funeral homes continue to serve grieving families long after the death of a loved one, it helps gain additional preneed leads and referrals,” added Wright. “Also, a good aftercare program can help funeral homes to increase positive reviews on Google.”

The new text system can help funeral homes build their reviews on Google. A link requesting a review is forwarded to the family via a text message. Once the family clicks on the link, they are taken to a page where they can quickly and simply complete a review.

In addition to this new text messaging offering, Premier’s current aftercare program includes:

  • Email: Customized aftercare emails are automatically sent on behalf of the funeral home to the family every month and holidays after the funeral home enters the name and address of the grieving families on Premier’s Customer Relationship System,
  • Traditional Aftercare: Premier continues to offer and assist funeral homes and agent partners with more traditional aftercare support and lead programs. This includes a newsletter, letters of support, follow-up surveys, phone scripts, and community memorial services.

Combining these traditional programs with the new text and email programs offers a complete package in supporting a funeral home’s families and communities.

“At Premier Preneed Marketing, we are committed to providing an ever-growing collection of marketing tools including traditional items like direct mail and digital marketing tactics like social media to help ensure our agents and funeral homes are successful,” added Wright. “Our customers have access to a full line of marketing resources for use with their families and the new Aftercare Text Messaging option is our latest offering.”

For more information about this new texting program, view this video at, contact your Premier Planning Specialist, or call 800-365-8208.

About Premier Preneed Marketing: Premier Preneed Marketing has been providing pre-need support, training, and leading life insurance solutions to funeral homes throughout the country for more than fifty years. The company connects funeral homes with multiple carriers from which to choose and offers single pay, multi-pay, and preneed annuity options as well as standard and guarantee issue plans. For more information about Premier Preneed Marketing, visit