SPOOKY SPECTACULAR | Friday Funeral Fast Wrap #9

Funeral Industry News October 30, 2020

SPOOKY SPECTACULAR | Friday Funeral Fast Wrap #9


October is almost over already? How is this possible? In a year that seems to be a never-ending fever-dream, this month flew by. THANK GOODNESS! I’m a firm believer that the holiday season truly is magical, and this year we could definitely use some of that magic more than ever. But, before we dive straight into November and the holiday season, we have one last obligation. IT’S SPOOKY SEASON.

So, today is going to look a little different. Welcome to the first-ever, possibly annual, Friday-before-Halloween, Halloween Extravaganza.


I’m going to be honest 100% with you. I grew up in a no-Halloween household. Every October 31st, my family would either go to our church’s “Harvest Party” or go to the nearest city with a mall. So, it wasn’t until my late teens that I ever really donned a costume in the late days of fall. BUT, one little scrap of Halloween that I did get to enjoy was the specialty cereal General Mills would put out every year. I’m talking about Boo Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula. Those were my DUDES! 

So, in honor of the sugary goodness that is seasonal childhood cereal and since this is the FFFW – here’s the interment method, I believe each of these characters would choose. 

Boo Berry – Now, this is a tough one right off the bat because we can assume that BB is already dead. So, the better question is, what method of disposition did Mr. Berry choose while he was alive that led to him being a ghost who roams through sugary goodness? My hypothesis – natural burial. I’m talking no embalming and a body thrown in a shallow grave. We have great caskets and burial vaults, and honestly, I don’t think a breakfast ghost can slip through those cracks, so yeah, Boo was probably one of the hippie-dippie people before the whole green thing was cool. 

Count Chocula – CC is obviously a close relative of Dracula. This family is very gothic and traditional. It’s safe to say that when someone finally shows Sir Count a wooden stake to the heart, he’s going to have a very “sweet” traditional service and will be laid to rest in a coffin.

Franken Berry – Ole Frank is a monster, a mere creation of man. Some would say he’s a delicious experiment. So, why wouldn’t after-death be “experimental.” Whether it’s water cremation, getting turned into diamonds, or launched into space, FB is destined to avoid the traditional and try something new.

Agree? Disagree? Shoot a message and let us know!


What are the chances, just in time for the Halloween Spectacular we’re having this Friday, Connecting Directors runs a story about the upcoming ICCFA DeadTalks? (You can read that here).

If I’m being honest, I don’t have much to say about this. The article says stuff  a whole lot better than I can, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Hmm, where should I go from here? I don’t know…




Funeral homes and any death-care business NEED a good social media presence. This isn’t always as easy as it seems. BUT… if you’re looking for an easy way to get some likes on your page, we have you covered!

Top 3 Things that are social media gold.

1) Babies. People love babies. They’re chunky, they’re small, and they just randomly stare at people a lot. That being said, if you see a picture of a baby on social media and you DON’T engage with it – you actually are a bad person. Like no joke. Well, kind of no joke.

2) Puppies. These are like babies with more fur and less questioning about its parents being “ready yet.” I like puppies, you like puppies, and we all like to LIKE puppies on social media.

3) Puppies and Babies. That’s right; it’s not rocket science. Babies do good, puppies do good, you combine them, and you get something simply amazing! This is like french fries dipped in a Wendy’s Frosty; it’s simply a combo that is almost too good to be true!

Now, these three types of content are fantastic, but if you want a social media strategy that REALLY works for you and your funeral home – you need to do a little more than that. You need DISRUPT Media.

DISRUPT Media understands that creative/digital marketing can seem complicated and can be confusing. They take care of all the stressful stuff and make social media simple for you. With years of experience and proven strategies, they know how to use social media to gain leads, build awareness, and grow your business!

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Watch this whole GIF for a satisfying ending!



I’ve shared this here before, but, I’m a huge fan of etsy. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted and so much more. One time, while a co-worker and I were looking at it’s vast funeral section, we ran into this urn. Now, I’m not making fun of this urn nor the people who made it. It’s a very well done piece of art. BUT, art is subjective and it makes different people feel different ways… this just happens to make me feel the heebeegeebees (Hebegbs? Heabeageebbbbes? IDK. Dear Hilly and Cait, whom I’m beyond thankful for, who proof this every week so I don’t look stupid – please keep this in. And like this part too, I like breaking the third wall.)

Without further adieu – click the link IF YOU DARE!



This is our (mostly) weekly segment where we highlight some amazing things that are going on inside this profession. We get a lot of bad press, so we’re going to highlight the good and continue to keep our chins up!

1) NFDA 2020 Was a Virtual Success!

2) Duluth funeral home to host Halloween-themed drive-in theater screening

3) Seniors: Your Local Funeral Home May Give You a Ride to the Polls

There ya go!

Enjoy this week! Starting next Friday we have our FFFW Countdown to Christmas. Come back for all sorts of goodness next Friday!